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ARTICLES FOR: High School Stress
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As a graduate student at Yale, psychological scientist and professor, Kiley Hamlin studied infants between the ages of 9 and 14 months old to define specific social preferences. She wanted to ... Read More »
Every well child care visit (AKA physical) I have with toddlers and even on up to the teenagers, I spend a few minutes discussing screen time. And with screen time, I’m referring to television ... Read More »
The word romance seems almost outdated, as though it belongs to a Shakespearean sonnet. And when we think of teenagers in the context of relationships, instead of romance, we typically think that ... Read More »
Everyday I hear about another person, friend, client or colleague who is suffering from intense anxiety. It is truly a current epidemic, at least in the large metropolis in which I live. Los Angeles ... Read More »
For those who are single and looking for love you may want to avoid spending too much time reading the updates on Facebook. According to a study conducted at two German universities, the constant ... Read More »
When you think of gamers do you typically picture someone sitting alone in a dark room engrossed in an interaction with their computer? While this may be the case some of the time, according to Penn ... Read More »
So much has been written about the modern dilemma men are facing. In the past, it was women who were struggling to have it all. They wanted to have well paying careers, children, and a fulfilling ... Read More »
Believe it or not—just like adults—young people experience the holidays in vastly different ways. Some look forward to them with an unrivaled anticipation, whereas others can find this time of ... Read More »
Posted in Parenting Teena... by Eric Komoroff on Nov 26, 2012
Even for adults, it can seem as if the world of jazz is an insular one—like you either get it or you don’t. So it’s easy to see why young people may feel a bit put off, especially given its ... Read More »
Stress: “I hate my job,” “I work under someone who is awful to me,” “I have the worst hours-- I don’t get home until 9 PM.” As a primary care doctor, one of the biggest surprises to ... Read More »

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