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ARTICLES FOR: High School Stress
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Rarely does anyone get through life without experiencing some type of trauma. It could be as minor as a fender-bender on the way to work, or as major as a catastrophic car accident involving ... Read More »
Each of us spends time in the thought-free state every day. We just don't know it. The thought-free state is that instant when you're looking at a gorgeous sunset and your mind stops. Then the ... Read More »
Maybe the Grinch didn’t really hate the holidays but instead, he was just suffering from a bout of depression. Unfortunately for some, this is not the most wonderful time of the year. For those who ... Read More »
Do you keep a to-do list? If not, maybe you should. Most people have a system or way of getting things done but if you find yourself constantly playing catch up then maybe it is time to rethink your ... Read More »
As I continue to see many of the older teenagers I care for getting ready to head off to college, I find myself repeating a few key suggestions or reminders as they prepare to get things in order for ... Read More »
I have written in the past about the importance of friendships and I am thrilled that a number of studies are now looking at just that very subject. While my professional work often involves ... Read More »
We know that there are a number of bad habits that contribute to poor overall health. Among those habits are smoking, substance use or abuse, and overeating, to name just a few. When people are ... Read More »
As a graduate student at Yale, psychological scientist and professor, Kiley Hamlin studied infants between the ages of 9 and 14 months old to define specific social preferences. She wanted to ... Read More »
Every well child care visit (AKA physical) I have with toddlers and even on up to the teenagers, I spend a few minutes discussing screen time. And with screen time, I’m referring to television ... Read More »
The word romance seems almost outdated, as though it belongs to a Shakespearean sonnet. And when we think of teenagers in the context of relationships, instead of romance, we typically think that ... Read More »

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