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There were many holiday seasons I didn’t feel joyful. For years, I couldn’t get pregnant, and then I had three miscarriages in a row. I certainly didn’t feel thankful at Thanksgiving, when all ... Read More »
"Affirmations don't work for me. How can I learn to make affirmations that WORK? I have been affirming that 'I have all the money I need and more' everyday for 4 months and nothing has changed. ... Read More »
I get asked this question about 3 times per week. There are some differences and there are some similarities. The similarities are:
- Both deal with helping a person make the ... Read More »
Approximately 70 percent of smokers say they want to quit, and smokers need some help to do it. The long-term success rate of each individual unaided quit attempt is low: only 5 to 7 percent of ... Read More »
Naps are making a comeback, and not just on lazy Sunday afternoons. Some forward-thinking companies are beginning to get in on the act. After all, long afternoons at work can make you unbearably ... Read More »
The FDA is stopping just short of banning energy drinks with alcohol in them. Is this an important step in improving health and product safety, or is this a case of a last minute response to an ... Read More »
During my three decades as a nutritionist, I have never met anyone who enjoys the idea of dieting. Furthermore, I have never met anyone who likes to be told what they should eat. This fact is ... Read More »
Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and naturally our thoughts are beginning to turn to the holiday feast. For most of us, it's still all about the basics: turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes, gravy, and ... Read More »
Newly divorced people often feel lonely and isolated spending the first holiday season without their spouse. If this time is not planned well you will find yourself feeling stressed and depleted. ... Read More »

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