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ARTICLES FOR: High School Stress
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You can turn on the TV and see numerous ads touting the benefits of eating oat based cereals as being the way to reduce cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, lose weight and improve your bowel ... Read More »
The increasing violence around political viewpoints serves to illuminate the heightened intensity currently present in the country and the lack of coping skills and tolerance present in the ... Read More »
I started getting this question from my younger patients about 3 years ago, and realize now that it’s more popular than we think. “It’s legal” is what my patients say, so it must be safe ... Read More »
For those of us who work in a high stress job, let’s take this as a sign that our New Year’s Resolution needs to be about balance. There is new information that women in stressful jobs face ... Read More »
In the decades I have been practicing structural body care, one of the most common complaints heard from women is that they suffer from foot pain after walking for sometimes even short intervals, ... Read More »
There isn’t very much that parents can actually hide from their children when it pertains to their emotional state. Kids are highly intuitive even at a very young age but they don’t have the ... Read More »
The holidays put so much stress on everyone in a way that no one really escapes. Whether its from expectations of others, "This holiday season my family will bring me the love and recognition I ... Read More »
There were many holiday seasons I didn’t feel joyful. For years, I couldn’t get pregnant, and then I had three miscarriages in a row. I certainly didn’t feel thankful at Thanksgiving, when all ... Read More »
"Affirmations don't work for me. How can I learn to make affirmations that WORK? I have been affirming that 'I have all the money I need and more' everyday for 4 months and nothing has changed. ... Read More »

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