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Over the past 15 years, the practice of yoga has gone from being considered by many as a “new age” practice to being embraced by mainstream medical practices, with much research being done on the ... Read More »
The practice of cleansing the body, or taking time to fast and eliminate all but living foods from your diet - like vegetables - has long been an approach to cleansing the body organs as well as ... Read More »
SmileLisa was fit, slim, and a swimmer in high school. Food and weight were the furthest things from her mind as she concentrated on being a swimmer and enjoying life. It wasn't until she took a ... Read More »
Losing weight is an incredible struggle and requires a permanent change in lifestyle. We know the complications associated with being overweight or obese, and if you are embarking on a weight loss ... Read More »
You can turn on the TV and see numerous ads touting the benefits of eating oat based cereals as being the way to reduce cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, lose weight and improve your bowel ... Read More »
When it comes to cutting calories to achieve permanent, manageable fat loss, is it better to cut calories drastically or little by little? Well, the way I phrased the question pretty much gives you ... Read More »
One of the most important adjuncts to successful weight loss and weight management is exercise. By using excess calories that might be used for fat storage, exercise becomes a highly effective part ... Read More »
How many years have you written down your goals because someone told you to do this, and they never happened. Many people do this every year. While it is a good idea to write your goals, I have ... Read More »
"So I just found out today that my cholesterol should be at under 200 and it's at 248. I'm COMPLETELY freaked out. I'm SO scared. I'm only 27, and I'm 5'4" and 138 pounds. I'm freaking out. I ... Read More »
Over the past decade, we Americans have become increasingly reliant on our prescription medications. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? According to CNN, in 2007 (the most recent year for data), ... Read More »

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