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In women under 50, breast pain, which can be cyclical or noncyclical, is a common complaint. Cyclical breast pain is presumably hormonal, occurs at the same time during your menstrual cycle, and ... Read More »
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Amy Chua’s parenting style. The Tiger Mom sets a standard of excellence for her children, and will accept nothing but 100% at all times, often at the ... Read More »
It isn’t always easy to explain to a young child in the throes of “mine, mine, mine” and “gimme, gimme” that there are people in need and that we all have a role in helping them. This is a ... Read More »
I once had a Great Dane named Stella. I named her after my favorite beer. She was a rescue, and had been badly abused. I got her when she was about 4 months old. She was a troubled dog: she ... Read More »
Anyone who has lived through the so called "terrible twos" knows what it is like to wrangle a toddler in a tantrum. It is no fun! Parents often see this behavior as defiant or even concerning, but ... Read More »
One in five women has used Planned Parenthood services. For those of you who don’t know what Planned Parenthood does, they are the largest provider of women’s health services in the United ... Read More »
I have always wanted wavy hair. Yes, so much so that in the 80’s, I permed my perfectly straight, fine, blonde hair. It wasn’t pretty. Little did I know that after I gave birth, my hair dreams ... Read More »
When I got pregnant, I expected a bigger butt, a huge belly, porn-star sized breast-feeding boobs, but bigger feet? That, I did not expect. There are two key factors that go into increasing foot size ... Read More »
My OB told me the darkened areas appearing on my face, the "mask of pregnancy," would go away after my babies were born, especially since I have fair skin (the mask affects darker skin people more ... Read More »

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