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I’ve been considering hormone replacement therapy for a couple of years now. I started getting night sweats around my period (which still comes regularly), and my energy level seemed to plummet, ... Read More »
With summer right around the corner and the summer heat sure enough soon to follow, I’d like to reprise a blog I previously wrote focusing on some important skin safety issues for our children and ... Read More »
By now, most of you all probably realize the importance I place upon limiting screen time for our children. It’s a point of discussion that comes up during each and every of my well-child-care ... Read More »
You’ve been exposed to Hepatitis A from berries, now what? Here in Los Angeles we walked in to many messages from patients who had consumed Costco’s frozen berries (made by Townsend farms in ... Read More »
It’s sunscreen time. Every Memorial Day the Environmental Working Group (EWG) comes out with it’s list of “good” vs. “bad” suncreen which always leads to some panic. The American Academy ... Read More »
As parents, we are constantly managing how much and how little of everything our children ingest – even intellectually. When our children are very small it is all about food and nutritional ... Read More »
I enjoy my oatmeal. Maybe not every day but often enough where I think I’m getting some of the health benefits from it. And on top of my oatmeal, I’ll also sprinkle a bit of cinnamon because ... Read More »
There was a tremendous uproar over Amy Chua’s book, published in 2011, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which painted a picture of the Asian-American mother as a demanding character who ... Read More »
With summer and swim season right around the corner; there is no better time to share with you what is in those public pools, so many of us swim in each and every day. Even if you aren’t surprised ... Read More »
I am compelled to write a thank you note to every teacher, administrator, office staff member, aide, PE instructor, maintenance person, cook, librarian, or any other human I might be forgetting that ... Read More »

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