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About 2 years ago, I wrote a blog here on Daily Strength in response to the ... Read More »
You would have to travel to a very remote location to be free from all or at least most technology these days. Summer camp is the answer to the techno escape and the benefits your child receives by ... Read More »
Probably one of the most popular of questions from new parents focuses on when they can take their baby out of the house. And while formal guidelines don’t actually exist, I do have some general ... Read More »
I could probably make this my shortest blog ever and just say fireworks should be left to the experts and any attempt at home fireworks is a no-no. But, the significance of one statement may not be ... Read More »
Summer has arrived and while we think of this time of year as one more of relaxation, taking vacations and so on, for many young athletes, summer training is right around the corner. More ... Read More »
Having just returned from a trip visiting my brother’s family, I find the timing of this research article about sibling bullying to be published in next month’s edition of Pediatrics to be ... Read More »
As a parent, I often find it easier to focus on my children’s physical necessities (food, shelter, clothing, grooming) and social requirements (education, relationships) than on their emotional ... Read More »
There are pros and cons to having just one child. A friend of mine waved good-bye to the camp bus carrying her one and only kid just yesterday and she and her husband were now faced with six weeks of ... Read More »
A general rule-of-thumb I always share with my new parents is that it can be quite common for newborns and babies, in general, to be fussy. This basically means they may cry a lot. Now most parents ... Read More »
The passage of time feels very different depending on your stage of life. In my experience, the last five years have flown by, but that is all that my younger child knows; so for her, it feels like ... Read More »

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