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ARTICLES FOR: Single Parenting
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Every once in a while I come across a story that shocks me with how horrific it is, or that amazes me with how wonderful it is. This story... did both. Susan Ring is a gestational surrogate. In ... Read More »
I certainly realize the important role social media plays in the world today. And while I think the thought that it saves lives is debatable, there is no doubt it changes lives. How can it not when ... Read More »
Many of you know I do enjoy writing about research studies that evolve from common sense themes. And after perusing next month’s journal, Pediatrics, I found one study that I’d like to ... Read More »
It used to be that doctors, sports trainers and coaches had to guess if a player was ready to “get back in the game” after a concussion. They relied on the athlete’s description of symptoms: ... Read More »
Athletes who sustained a concussion used to be removed from the field, but allowed to go about the rest of their daily routine. For a young player, this usually meant going back to school. Now ... Read More »
The age at which kids can receive a diagnosis of ADHD has decreased significantly since I began working in the field of psychology. Many years ago the practice of labeling a preschooler with any ... Read More »
Bravo to the Big Apple for its new campaign to improve the self-esteem of young girls! The city is spending $330,000 on this endeavor, which has been called the NYC Girls Project. There are bus ads, ... Read More »
Hopefully all of us are aware of the importance of having smoke detectors in our homes. But something I often find lacking is the placement of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors as well; and so when we ... Read More »
“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.” ― Brené Brown Public shaming is becoming an increasingly popular discipline strategy for desperate ... Read More »
There is an increasingly common, and in my opinion concerning, trend toward delaying kindergarten for children. This movement has become known as academic red shirting, a term that was coined in the ... Read More »

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