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ARTICLES FOR: Single Parenting
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In this second article about the impact of divorce on children, I’d like to spend some time discussing some of the clinical findings one might see in children when their parents are divorcing. ... Read More »
The debate, about whether or not to use corporal punishment as a disciplinary method, rages on, despite the fact that no reputable study has ever shown its use to be beneficial. Spare the rod, spoil ... Read More »
The holidays are in full force right now and with that I’d like to return to an article I wrote a couple years back about some important holiday safety tips. So with thanks to the AAP as well as ... Read More »
There seems to be an entire generation of young adults that would just as soon leave off the word “adult” in their descriptor. Those individuals who came of age right around the year 2000, ... Read More »
The airports and train stations are bustling at this time of the year. People travel far and wide to reunite with family members during the holidays and emotions often run high once everyone arrives ... Read More »
Babies, Family and the Holidays The holiday season is in full force now, and I seem to be fielding a lot of questions from parents of newborns and young infants about what they can and can’t ... Read More »
Let’s begin with a sobering statistic that 1 out of 2 marriages end in divorce. Again, that’s 1 out of 2 marriages here in the U.S. end in divorce with many of these divorces involving ... Read More »
During the end of my 3rd year in medical school, when medical students are out of the traditional classroom and actually in the hospitals and working on developing their clinical skills, I thought I ... Read More »
'Tis the season for colds and flu and a hodge-podge of other upper respiratory infections (URIs). And while this will probably require more visits to the office of your child’s pediatrician these ... Read More »
I packed my bag for the hospital around month eight. My pregnancy was high risk, so I was ready to go if my baby decided to make an early appearance. Not a bad idea to be ready a little early, since ... Read More »

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