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ARTICLES FOR: Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)
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This is the most common question I am asked these days.

  1. Identify Your goal and enlist your primary care doctor for help. A successful weight loss program should ... Read More »
Posted in Anemia by Dr. Sharon Orrange on May 15, 2008

Vitamin D is readily available through sun exposure and as a supplement yet there are new reasons to believe we are not getting as much Vitamin D as we need. Vitamin D deficiency ... Read More »

What are they and why do we care? Probiotics are microorganisms that have beneficial properties for the host (that's us). Probiotics are an important way we can alter intestinal ... Read More »

Many of my patients have heard this to be true but find it hard to believe. Can I really drink every night? Does it have to be red wine? What if I'm on medications? Whats the real deal about ... Read More »

Is too much or too little sleep a risk factor for death? Many patients asked me about this study after they heard it on the news. Well it looks like BOTH can be. At a conference of ... Read More »

More than 33% of women and 20% of men over age 65 develop dementia, and many more develop a milder form of cognitive impairment. I think we can all appreciate the huge impact ... Read More »

I am often called in the middle of the night by patients who have woken up with hives, a high fever or itching and don't have access to common remedies all of us should have in our medicine ... Read More »

A recent FDA investigation should make us rethink the buzz selenium has captured for cancer prevention. Selenium is needed only in very small amounts and normal consumption of food and water is ... Read More »

For almost three years you have seen my posts in many communities and I have been able to jump in to discussions when possible. Well, because Dailystrength has grown we are trying a new format to ... Read More »

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