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This was the message I received from a member on DS with a suggestion to write this blog. How do you carry on after the death of a loved one?  I know there are people on DS ... Read More »

As someone who is not a person of strong religious faith, I have always appreciated that religious faith provides many with great comfort during the end of life. Many of my patients who believe ... Read More »

Simply put, I believe so. 

And how can I so easily say this to be the case?  Well, two reasons...the first being President Obama has clearly made this one of his top ... Read More »

 There are mixed reactions to the filming of Jade Goody during the end of her life after a struggle against cervical cancer. I am glad to see the discussion taking place.  Jade Goody is ... Read More »

Obtaining family history from parents and siblings who aren't very forthcoming about their medical history can be tricky. A new tool from the Department of Health and Human Services may make ... Read More »

Thanks to the over 100 members who applied. We'll be reviewing your applications and getting back to you soon.



DailyStrength is now ... Read More »

I can't tell you how many times I am asked this question by teenage patients, older patients, their families, my friends and colleagues.  Marijuana is the most frequently used illicit ... Read More »

Sadly, millions of people affected by depression are not being treated for it.  One reason for this unfortunate situation is that many individuals do not recognize their symptoms as being the ... Read More »


A member asked me to address the issue of how her husband can cope with her mental illness.  There is no question that the mates of those who are mentally ill can suffer ... Read More »

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