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ARTICLES FOR: Gambling Addiction & Recovery
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A member wrote and said that she is depressed and wants to know what she should do. First of all, asking the question “how do I start to deal with my depression?” is a huge step. Depression often ... Read More »
"So, I'm trying it quit drinking. Apparently it exacerbates my anxiety. Problem is my anxiety gets in the way of my sobriety. I start getting so shaky, grasping for breath, can't think ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, I was just wondering what is the success rate for an ex-heroin addict who has been in rehab for 6 months? He has half custody of our children and I worry everyday that he ... Read More »
A Personality Disorder is very difficult to treat and there are relatively few doctors who treat it. However, commonly people are misdiagnosed with APD or they have a treatable co-occuring disorder ... Read More »
Relapse is part of the recovery stories of many people who no longer struggle with eating disorders. You can relapse forward, i.e., share you relapse with an army-sized support network (treatment ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, When I think of eating disorders, I think of not eating enough. If my definition is correct then I most definitely do not have an eating disorder. I think I may have the exact ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, My son is 16 and a recovering alcoholic and drug addict; he's out of treatment and doing well. He's doing 90 meeting in 90 days and a man told him last night he would be great ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, Over the past eight years, I have battled with an eating disorder. First it was anorexia, and later came bulimia. I am now on my way through recovery! =} I am at last ... Read More »
I am sure most of us have at one time or another gone back for that second or third serving of a favorite meal, whether or not we’re still hungry. During a holiday party or special occasion, it’s ... Read More »
I was interested to see recently that the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) announced progress with a new, vaccine-like approach to ... Read More »

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