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Sometimes it just seems easier to lie. But lying can become a destructive compulsion, where it feels easier and more comfortable to lie than to tell the truth. So how do you stop, or at least slow ... Read More »
Every day, there are thousands of people like you on DailyStrength -- some who are struggling to overcome their life challenges, and others who have completely turned their life around and want to ... Read More »
Enjoy this short video preview of the premiere episode of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. Be sure to read more about Tony's new TV show: ... Read More »
It’s finally summer! Remember these simple First Aid tips and you’ll be ready and able to help family and friends in the bright sun and balmy weather. 1. Heat Exhaustion Time ... Read More »
A member wrote and said that she is depressed and wants to know what she should do. First of all, asking the question “how do I start to deal with my depression?” is a huge step. Depression often ... Read More »
"So, I'm trying it quit drinking. Apparently it exacerbates my anxiety. Problem is my anxiety gets in the way of my sobriety. I start getting so shaky, grasping for breath, can't think ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, I was just wondering what is the success rate for an ex-heroin addict who has been in rehab for 6 months? He has half custody of our children and I worry everyday that he ... Read More »
A Personality Disorder is very difficult to treat and there are relatively few doctors who treat it. However, commonly people are misdiagnosed with APD or they have a treatable co-occuring disorder ... Read More »
Relapse is part of the recovery stories of many people who no longer struggle with eating disorders. You can relapse forward, i.e., share you relapse with an army-sized support network (treatment ... Read More »

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