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A Personality Disorder is very difficult to treat and there are relatively few doctors who treat it. However, commonly people are misdiagnosed with APD or they have a treatable co-occuring disorder ... Read More »
Relapse is part of the recovery stories of many people who no longer struggle with eating disorders. You can relapse forward, i.e., share you relapse with an army-sized support network (treatment ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, When I think of eating disorders, I think of not eating enough. If my definition is correct then I most definitely do not have an eating disorder. I think I may have the exact ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, My son is 16 and a recovering alcoholic and drug addict; he's out of treatment and doing well. He's doing 90 meeting in 90 days and a man told him last night he would be great ... Read More »
"Dear Dr. Dennis, Over the past eight years, I have battled with an eating disorder. First it was anorexia, and later came bulimia. I am now on my way through recovery! =} I am at last ... Read More »
I am sure most of us have at one time or another gone back for that second or third serving of a favorite meal, whether or not we’re still hungry. During a holiday party or special occasion, it’s ... Read More »
I was interested to see recently that the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) announced progress with a new, vaccine-like approach to ... Read More »
If you’ve watched TV or looked in your spam folder lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen one of the numerous ads for Hydroxycut or other fat-burning, muscle-building miracle cures that promise dramatic ... Read More »
How many times have you glanced at the cover of Vogue or Men’s Health and felt overwhelmed by the impossibility of looking like the flawless models gracing the cover? If so, you’re not alone. ... Read More »
In a prior post, I talked at length about how eating disorder symptoms impact the brain circuitry in ways that produce a response similar to drug or alcohol addiction. These findings represent a ... Read More »

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