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ARTICLES FOR: Gambling Addiction & Recovery
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I am really angry about how the media has responded to this obviously very troubled man. Now I do not condone his behavior but it seems to me that this man is suffering greatly with an untreated and ... Read More »
I was hiking with an old friend yesterday. As I started huffing and puffing up a not too steep hill I wondered what happened to that New Year’s resolution I made about exercise. I thought here it ... Read More »
I recently watched a report on a news program about the addictive nature of slot machines. There are arguments to be made on both sides of whether gambling is truly addictive or not, and of course ... Read More »
How many years have you written down your goals because someone told you to do this, and they never happened. Many people do this every year. While it is a good idea to write your goals, I have ... Read More »
Which substance causes the most harm to the individual and to society? The winner is alcohol according to a report published in the Lancet that is receiving quite a bit of attention. Alcohol ... Read More »
A DailyStrength member recently asked this very good question. First of all, just asking the question is a very good start. It shows self-awareness and an interest in changing a behavior that is ... Read More »
Sometimes it just seems easier to lie. But lying can become a destructive compulsion, where it feels easier and more comfortable to lie than to tell the truth. So how do you stop, or at least slow ... Read More »
Every day, there are thousands of people like you on DailyStrength -- some who are struggling to overcome their life challenges, and others who have completely turned their life around and want to ... Read More »
Enjoy this short video preview of the premiere episode of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. Be sure to read more about Tony's new TV show: ... Read More »

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