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ARTICLES FOR: Miscarriage
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My friend called me late one night last week. We had gone out for dinner together, and she had what she thought was food poisoning. She felt nauseous, had cold sweats, and couldn’t get off the ... Read More »
The general public misunderstands infertility. I certainly didn’t grasp the magnitude of the effect it can have on a woman, on a family, until I went through it myself. It is not considered a ... Read More »
I have a friend who just turned 40. She is divorced and she and her ex never had kids. She is really feeling the ticking of her clock, and I have been discussing options with her: trying to figure ... Read More »
Is male reproductive health being ignored? I read with interest this report and thought we should all take notice: The European Science Foundation is warning that too little attention and money are ... Read More »
There were many holiday seasons I didn’t feel joyful. For years, I couldn’t get pregnant, and then I had three miscarriages in a row. I certainly didn’t feel thankful at Thanksgiving, when all ... Read More »
I recently wrote a series of articles about things to avoid during pregnancy. A comment was posted by one of our members, ChronicIL, and it read: “... why is the word ‘teratology’ never ... Read More »
There are so many reasons a couple may choose to adopt. It is a powerful and personal decision. Many people feel adoption is a natural part of building a family, (even if they have their own ... Read More »
Let’s talk a little about common decency. Every once in a while, I will get an email about a members being snarky to each other, someone being disrespectful, or sometimes, even down right mean. ... Read More »
"I have had 4 miscarriages and several rounds of testing done with my fertility doctor. I have one healthy child, age 7. The only thing that turned up is that I have one copy of the C677T mutation ... Read More »
"It has being so stressful looking for an fertility center. Our doctor recommended Huntington Reproductive Center in Pasadena, California but when we look at the reviews on-line it only made our ... Read More »

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