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There is a tendency for people to come to therapy with the expressed desire of feeling better, and by this, many mean off loading their painful or unpleasant emotions. There is also a tendency for ... Read More »
Well over 4 years ago, I was proud to have my office participate in what I felt would become a landmark research study assessing whether boys (just like their female counterparts) were starting ... Read More »
Once again, Halloween is here and while our thoughts go to everyone on the East Coast with the storm imminently looming, I’d like to share some safety tips for this once-a-year dress up holiday. ... Read More »
Has someone accused you of being too sensitive or suggested that you grow ... Read More »
Television shows such as “Will & Grace” brought the dynamic between gay men and straight women into public light. That particular show was a comedy so we sometimes saw the cartoon version of ... Read More »
The Jewish Holidays are here but you don’t have to be Jewish, or even religious, to appreciate the significance of this holiday. There is an important message in the High Holy days for ... Read More »
Whether one struggles with an addiction or disorder, lifelong recovery is the goal of treatment. This is achieved through a wide array of therapeutic approaches that often include individual and ... Read More »
Are you ready? I’m not sure I am. As the checklists for back-to-school readiness are completed I am trying hard to savor every last drop of summer break. There is something magical about a lack of ... Read More »
The sad news about director Tony Scott’s suicide came, as these stories often do, as a horrible shock to many. Maybe it wasn’t as surprising to those who knew him intimately, I have no idea, but ... Read More »
Emotional awareness provides keys to improving our emotional and mental ... Read More »

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