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ARTICLES FOR: Pancreatic Cancer
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Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in the U.S. and the main cause of death in women age 40-59. After practicing medicine for 10 years, I have delivered news of a biopsy showing breast ... Read More »
This article is the last in a series of articles covering the overall topic of advocacy. If you are like me, there was no “handbook” at my fingertips when I faced difficult situations that would ... Read More »
Can taking hallucinogenic mushrooms help late stage cancer patients? A new widely reported pilot study says yes, with advanced cancer patients showing a decrease in anxiety and depression. The small ... Read More »
  1. Throat Cancer, as Michael Douglas has, is one of the Head and Neck Cancers which are predominantly squamous cell carcinomas.
  2. The head and neck is divided into 5 areas and the throat ... Read More »
A quotation at the right moment is like bread in a famine. -Talmud TeamDS writes one affirmation every weekday, and we have ... Read More »
Marijuana is in the national news again as states continue to define new laws regarding it’s medical and recreational use. Nationally, marijuana is undergoing a gradual decriminalization--it’s ... Read More »
There are thousands of herbal remedies available online for every possible health condition. But how can you tell which ones will work, and which won’t? There’s no absolute answer, but many ... Read More »
Your pills may not be real. In fact, your doctor may have given you harmless sugar pills, or placebos, and told you they were real. And the miracle is, they may be working! In a study of 466 ... Read More »
Last week the FDA announced it was reviewing the cancer risk associated with a group of high blood pressure medications called ARBs or Angiotensin receptor blockers. Here is how it all started: ... Read More »
Recycling Medical Waste: Turning Trash Green Struggling hospitals and clinics are trying to cut costs by reducing and in some cases reusing medical waste. For the past two decades ... Read More »

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