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ARTICLES FOR: Pancreatic Cancer
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1. Adult vaccinations: The resurgence of whooping cough (pertussis) in California is a potent reminder that adults need immunization as well. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that ... Read More »
As a female primary care doctor I read, with interest, results presented at a conference of the World Organization of Family Doctors. The results are important for several reasons. Patients feel more ... Read More »
Aranesp, the longer acting form of Epogen, stimulates red cell production. The Half-life elimination for the subcutaneous injections in an Adult (with normal kidney function) is 70 hours with a range ... Read More »

1) Demerol: I'll never forget a lecture I attended as a resident by a well known toxicologist who said Demerol should be pulled from the market...that it doesn't work any better than any ... Read More »

1) Do I need an annual physical?


As many of you know Medicare does NOT cover annual physicals... so the question is do you really need ... Read More »

As someone who is not a person of strong religious faith, I have always appreciated that religious faith provides many with great comfort during the end of life. Many of my patients who believe ... Read More »

 There are mixed reactions to the filming of Jade Goody during the end of her life after a struggle against cervical cancer. I am glad to see the discussion taking place.  Jade Goody is ... Read More »

Obtaining family history from parents and siblings who aren't very forthcoming about their medical history can be tricky. A new tool from the Department of Health and Human Services may make ... Read More »

Many of you know that Opiates, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and other drugs, are associated with constipation. Constipation can become a bigger struggle for you than the illness that led ... Read More »

Primary brain tumors arise from different cells of the central nervous system. Distinguish this in your mind from secondary brain tumors which are those originating elsewhere in the body that ... Read More »

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