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Most studies reveal that marriage is basically good for your health. Married people tend to live longer, healthier lives and suffer from fewer mood disorders than their single counterparts. But ... Read More »
First domesticated in Central America over 5,000 years ago, the sweet potato has a long and varied history. Sweet potatoes were introduced in China in the 16th century and quickly spread throughout ... Read More »
The rate of obesity increased in 28 states last year, and not a single state showed a declining rate. But we don’t need statistics to tell us that our clothes are fitting too tight. A look in the ... Read More »
In most students with ADHD, motor function is unimpaired and sports are an outlet for their need to be active. Most children with ADHD do not have motor coordination problems, and have more positive ... Read More »
The end of summer often brings many athletes back into intense preseason training. Although football two-a-day practices may ultimately become a thing of the past, with the intense heat often ... Read More »
As part of our ongoing battle to keep ourselves healthy, we learn about the latest nutritional information and hope to glean insight so we can make appropriate adjustments to our diet. However, the ... Read More »
The amount of information and advice swirling around us on how much and what kind of fat to eat is enough to make a person dizzy. We’re told some ... Read More »
In 21st century America, we are notorious multi-taskers. If you’re not texting, chewing, walking, and talking at the same time, you’re just plain lazy. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight ... Read More »
Summer is here and everyone wants to look their best, so diets are all the craze (of course, they always are). And while we’re constantly bombarded with too much (often contradictory) diet advice, ... Read More »
On June 14, 2011, the Washington Post published an article by Lenny Bernstein on the unknown cause of the popular experience of “runners high” and whether or not this often reported “state of ... Read More »

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