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ARTICLES FOR: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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"I am 53 history of depression and recent anxiety, head injury, major stresses including daughter who just made 4th attempt on her life this week. I now use a cane after back surgery because of ... Read More »

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this from a patient I could save our economy. This is a serious and disabling complaint we hear from 22-33% of patients in our primary care offices. ... Read More »

"Dear Dr. Orrange, I have been on Graves’s medication (Methimazole) for 5 weeks and am concerned with a sharp increased alkaline phosphatase level. Before starting meds it was 124, now after ... Read More »
In the October 8th issue of Science, some intriguing results were published from a group of scientists who may have connected a retrovirus to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). I see many CFS sufferers ... Read More »

1) Demerol: I'll never forget a lecture I attended as a resident by a well known toxicologist who said Demerol should be pulled from the market...that it doesn't work any better than any ... Read More »

I save prescribing the weight loss medications, like Meridia of Xenical, for those who have made a good faith effort at serious diet and lifestyle changes. This is true for me because ... Read More »

"I've had tingling in my feet", "I've been urinating a lot", and "I've been really tired and haven't felt right?" Could this be adult-onset Diabetes? ... Read More »
Aches and pains, swelling, clicking, popping and soreness in our joints and muscles are common complaints in doctor's offices and at dinner parties. Listed here are common orthopedic ailments I ... Read More »

The Las Vegas Coroner just released that Danny Gans, the well known Las Vegas Entertainer, had toxic levels of hydromorphone (Dilaudid) in his system and died from an accidental overdose. We ... Read More »

Every week I read several medicine journals and I've decided each month to pick an interesting and quirky study to blog about. This one caught my eye. Who decided to address this question? The ... Read More »

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