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ARTICLES FOR: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Fibromyalgia comes from Latin and Greek roots which translates to, “pain in the fibrous muscle and connective tissues.” It is characterized by pain in the tissues, which are highly sensitive to ... Read More »
My father's father, my grandpa Georgie (who I was named after), was the grandparent I loved the most as a child. I was 14 when he died of radiation poisoning at 63. He came down with acute leukemia ... Read More »
The term DISABILITY is very hard to define because there is a wide variety of actual conditions that tend to affect each person very differently. Disabilities can change over time; it can become ... Read More »
With a little consistency and a touch of effort, we can have the awesome rewards of staying remarkably healthy, energized and vibrant while we grow a little less young. Sometimes "aging" seems like a ... Read More »
"I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I already take celebrex, cymbalta and zoloft but I couldn't stop sleeping so my doctor gave me strattera. It is an ADHD medicine. Why would it be good ... Read More »
31 million people. That’s the estimated number of Americans who are experiencing lower back pain right now. Are you one of them? Sitting in front of a computer can make back pain feel even worse. ... Read More »
Marijuana is in the national news again as states continue to define new laws regarding it’s medical and recreational use. Nationally, marijuana is undergoing a gradual decriminalization--it’s ... Read More »
There are thousands of herbal remedies available online for every possible health condition. But how can you tell which ones will work, and which won’t? There’s no absolute answer, but many ... Read More »
Your pills may not be real. In fact, your doctor may have given you harmless sugar pills, or placebos, and told you they were real. And the miracle is, they may be working! In a study of 466 ... Read More »
Sometimes the blue skies turn grey. It's been described as moving from a world of vivid color to seeing everything in black and white. And when that happens all the answers that were once at your ... Read More »

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