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ARTICLES FOR: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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"I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I already take celebrex, cymbalta and zoloft but I couldn't stop sleeping so my doctor gave me strattera. It is an ADHD medicine. Why would it be good ... Read More »
31 million people. That’s the estimated number of Americans who are experiencing lower back pain right now. Are you one of them? Sitting in front of a computer can make back pain feel even worse. ... Read More »
Marijuana is in the national news again as states continue to define new laws regarding it’s medical and recreational use. Nationally, marijuana is undergoing a gradual decriminalization--it’s ... Read More »
There are thousands of herbal remedies available online for every possible health condition. But how can you tell which ones will work, and which won’t? There’s no absolute answer, but many ... Read More »
Your pills may not be real. In fact, your doctor may have given you harmless sugar pills, or placebos, and told you they were real. And the miracle is, they may be working! In a study of 466 ... Read More »
Sometimes the blue skies turn grey. It's been described as moving from a world of vivid color to seeing everything in black and white. And when that happens all the answers that were once at your ... Read More »
"I am 53 history of depression and recent anxiety, head injury, major stresses including daughter who just made 4th attempt on her life this week. I now use a cane after back surgery because of ... Read More »

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this from a patient I could save our economy. This is a serious and disabling complaint we hear from 22-33% of patients in our primary care offices. ... Read More »

"Dear Dr. Orrange, I have been on Graves’s medication (Methimazole) for 5 weeks and am concerned with a sharp increased alkaline phosphatase level. Before starting meds it was 124, now after ... Read More »
In the October 8th issue of Science, some intriguing results were published from a group of scientists who may have connected a retrovirus to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). I see many CFS sufferers ... Read More »

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