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ARTICLES FOR: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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We are entering the season of viral upper respiratory infections when I am asked by patients and friends how to prevent and treat these annoying illnesses.  Antibiotics are of no use for the ... Read More »

Everyone reacts to foods differently but we can all relate to how uncomfortable and inconvenient gas can be. The finale of a gurgly, noisy, crampy abdomen is usually the passage of intestinal gas ... Read More »

It is well recognized that physician's relationships with their patients can have healing effects, but not always. What are the core ... Read More »

I am at the midpoint of my month as the hospitalist at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. I have worked as a physician through the Aids epidemic, worked to fight multi-drug resistant ... Read More »

 Heart Disease is by far the number one cause of death and many patients ask me "what blood tests can I get to see if I'm at risk a heart attack?"  Remember, we can work to prevent death ... Read More »

Posted in Acne by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Oct 25, 2008

There are some medical concerns I hear from patients over and over again. I thought I'd make a list and address some of the worries.....dangerous or not.

1) Is Q -tipping my ears ... Read More »

Sadly, millions of people affected by depression are not being treated for it.  One reason for this unfortunate situation is that many individuals do not recognize their symptoms as being the ... Read More »


A member asked me to address the issue of how her husband can cope with her mental illness.  There is no question that the mates of those who are mentally ill can suffer ... Read More »

A complaint of a dry cough that won't go away brings many of you in to the physician's office. The 3 most common causes of cough lasting more than 3 weeks in adults are: gastro esophageal reflux ... Read More »

In the last year I've had the opportunity to be a patient and a Doctor. I have frustrations like you do so I came up with my list. 

1) Dr X leaves you waiting more than 45 ... Read More »

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