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While most pregnancies progress according to plan, it's not a 100-percent guarantee. Since many women begin to bond with their babies the moment they miss a period or find out they are pregnant, the ... Read More »
Here are common causes of kid slacking (kids who dawdle, put things off until the last minute, are unorganized, have poor time management skills, and cut corners) that shouldn't be overlooked: Are ... Read More »
This week on Sharecare we’re offering insight on how location can affect your well-being, giving you easy ways to lower your RealAge and sharing advice on how to shape up your fitness routine. ... Read More »
Here are some myths about autism: Myth: "People with autism can't express love." Truth: Children with autism can and do give affection -- on their own terms. With treatment and support, they can ... Read More »
Before mammography became the widely used breast cancer screening tool it is today, ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS, was a rare diagnosis. DCIS is a diagnosis given to women who have abnormal cells ... Read More »
Fibromyalgia expert Dr. Winfried Hauser reviewed studies regarding the effects of aerobic exercise as a treatment for fibromyalgia. Here's a summary of the findings published in Arthritis Research & ... Read More »
This week on Sharecare we’re giving you the inside scoop on which foods to add to your menu for a better mood, telling you why hobbies are healthy and keeping you updated on the latest disease ... Read More »
Drug abuse takes noticeable psychological tolls on users. The signs and symptoms of drug dependence vary depending on the type of drug being abused. Below are some of the psychological warning signs ... Read More »
Absolutely not, and while ketosis is usually not dangerous (though it can be life-threatening if severe, especially in a diabetic), it is certainly not a particularly healthful state. In addition, ... Read More »
On Sharecare we’re letting you in on why you may need the Tdap shot, giving you an unusually effective tip to get better sleep and helping you make healthier food choices for the rest of the ... Read More »

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