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Eric began working professionally youth in 1988, running after-school art programs in New York City while studying Art Therapy at the New School for Social Research. Shortly after he discovered his passion for working with…
For most of us, public tragedies—like the recent attacks at the Boston Marathon—bring up feelings of fear and uncertainty: uncertainty about the state of humanity, about life and death, and, if we’re parents or guardians, about how we help our children come to terms with it all. When we ourselves are feeling anxious and afraid, we may wonder whether we should have a conversation with our ... Read More »
The word romance seems almost outdated, as though it belongs to a Shakespearean sonnet. And when we think of teenagers in the context of relationships, instead of romance, we typically think that ... Read More »
Believe it or not—just like adults—young people experience the holidays in vastly different ways. Some look forward to them with an unrivaled anticipation, whereas others can find this time of ... Read More »
Rarely in our lives do we find ourselves discussing the fundamentals of morality. Issues of morality, on the other hand, are always on the table. We engage, for example, in water cooler ... Read More »
Posted in Parenting Teena... by Eric Komoroff on Nov 26, 2012
Even for adults, it can seem as if the world of jazz is an insular one—like you either get it or you don’t. So it’s easy to see why young people may feel a bit put off, especially given its ... Read More »
Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all born with an innate understanding of how to handle life’s challenges: if toddlers understood logic, and teenagers were always cooperative, happy, and mature? We ... Read More »
As November 6th draws nearer, I’ve begun questioning whether we, as adults, should discuss politics with our children. I’ve wondered whether the nature of the current political climate is too ... Read More »
This week on Youth Empowered I encouraged young people to begin setting goals, and to acknowledge the role that risk and ... Read More »
I just hung up with a collegue who I haven’t spoken with in a year. When I asked how her life was going, she said, “Very intense, I’m signing my divorce papers this week, my ex is moving out of ... Read More »
It must be me…and I am ok with the idea that it’s me with the problem, not the hundreds of millions of people who seem to “get it” just fine. I don’t want to look at endless photos of other ... Read More »

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