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Dr. Orrange received her BA in Biology at the University of California, San Diego, and a Masters Degree in Health Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. She received her MD from the USC Keck School of…
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Crack is back in the news with Lamar Odom. Smoking cocaine (“freebase” or “crack”) is now the most common method of cocaine abuse. Those of ... Read More »
Don’t laugh. It’s really common and many folks try to deal with it on their own without coming to the doctor. The medical term for itching around ... Read More »
Which state had the highest prevalence of adult diabetes in 2012? West Virginia wins the prize. Thirteen percent of adults living in West ... Read More »
Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a common and treatable psychiatric condition, but diagnosis poses a challenge in adults because ... Read More »
After twenty years of taking care of patients, it’s time to pass on ten little habits you can correct that contribute to poor health. You’ve got ... Read More »
Once-a-year eye exams are important, but you may also wonder if there are vitamins or supplements you can take to keep your eyes healthy. It’s ... Read More »
Many ladies are nervous before their first pap but the most common thing I hear after we are done is: “that’s it?” The first time does deserve ... Read More »
Diabetics are often told to eat five to six small meals during the day. Small frequent snacks has long been the advice given for weight loss, ... Read More »
Preventative health, primary care, diet and lifestyle changes, health and wellness, and the mind-body connection are core beliefs endorsed by most ... Read More »
You’ve been told your blood pressure is too high. That means your blood pressure is above 140/90 mm Hg and may need medications to lower it. Not so ... Read More »

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