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You Know You're Due for a Doctor's Visit When...
Posted in Senior Health &... by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Dec 05, 2012
Doctor avoiders, we all know and love them. Trust me, I understand when inertia has kept you away from the doctor and it feels kind of good.

But then it gets weird; so keep these things in mind – they're clear indications that you're due for a visit with the doc:
- You are over 40 and can’t remember the last time someone checked your blood pressure or put a stethoscope on your heart or lungs.

- Any bump or mass is growing in size. Anywhere, anytime.

- At a dinner party you hear folks talking about vaccines (Tdap, aka whooping cough, or shingles) that you’ve never heard of.

- You can’t remember the last time you felt good, and you are sure something isn’t quite right.

- Your reminder cards for appointments, mammogram, colonoscopy or Pap smear are being used as bookmarks.

- You are bleeding from any site, excused are women bleeding during their menstrual cycle.

- Someone asks you who your physician is and you can only think of your pediatrician.

- Something is swollen and despite the fact that you have been diligent about your RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression with ace bandage and elevation) it’s still swollen and sore.

- All of your medications are empty or expired.

- It’s the 10th time you’ve heard yourself saying to friends and family “yeah, I need to get that checked out.”

- You have visited the ER or Urgent Care and don’t know who to put as your primary care doctor on the form.
Come and see us. No, really.

- Dr. O


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I envy those who cannot remember their last checkup lol.
By StillInTheNight  Dec 09, 2012
You're not sure if you're due for a doctor's visit when...

You've felt worse by following doctor's recommendations than you were before.

You found out from one doctor that a urologist had given you a medicine for the prostate--but you're a woman.

Your great doctor for about 20 years retired without being able to recommend anyone else for you to see.

You've seen 3 doctors in the last 4 years, had problems with the first 2, and are still unsure about the 3rd.

Your medical history is beginning to resemble a multi-volume book set, and you wonder if anyone who hasn't lived your life with you, can possibly understand you as a complete biological unit.
By Fern RL  Dec 07, 2012
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