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What are my odds of totally getting rid of Hep C?
Posted in Hepatitis C by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Jun 04, 2010
"When I first started interferon / ribavirin cocktail my viral load was 6 million. I received my test results after only 2 months and it went down to 35. I have genotype 2. What are my odds of me totally getting rid of hep c?"

This is a great question and you seem to be on a good path to a sustained viral response, or cure. The factors that work for you are that you are Genotype 2 and had a great response to treatment with a plummeting of your viral load by 8 weeks. Results from most studies on treatment with peginterferon & ribavirin for 24 weeks show that you can expect a sustained viral response 78-82% of the time. Great news on your response and good luck to you.

Dr O.

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sorry i mispelled -------DRUG ------ NOT STUG
By candycane50  May 31, 2011
like the the person that has had it for 1974.5yrs I have had it since 1980.5 yrs ago genotype 1 and 0-1 fibrosis and now they want to put me on treatment,does it get worse as we get older or can we keep it from progressing without meds? the treatments were not so succsessful back then what about now i hear there is a third stug now being introduced ?
By candycane50  May 31, 2011
Why was I not but on interferon when I was first told I had hep c and now they say I can't because I already have ceirosce I know that not how to spell it but I am sure you know what I mean.bettyj54 Thank yoou
By bettyj54  Jul 02, 2010
i have had hep since 1974.5 years ago i started interferion treatments,i did shots for 3 years ,i am now a 3 time non responder,lately i feel like my health is going downhill,the exhaustion is more than i can take.i am starting a pain clinic in 2 weeks,and i am going back into therapy for depression,anxiety,ect.i get (if i am lucky) 6 hours of sleep a night,this is wearing me down,i have had this problem since therapy,would you suggest any thing that would help me,i feel like i cant much more of this condition.thank you for your input
By jym54  Jun 28, 2010
you don't---I have a very special friend and she has had it for 8 years but they have tried all the experimental drugs may lower itself to certain levels but if you ever get an infection of any kind it can be very bad for you. Plus if you are not married you have to tell any partner that you have it because it is transferred through contact ie blood--and some have to wear a medical braclet or medical necklace to let anyone know they do have it in a medical emergency. I am sorry if I upset you but there are some herbal remedies that might do better than the other stuff..I don't know but we will pull for that 25%!!!
By pitters971  Jun 08, 2010
I went through almost 2 years of Interferon shots and the docs tell me that I am OK. I still get tested but so far nothing has popped up in the tests. I was told by my doctor that there was a 25% chance of being "cured", I was lucky, even though I spent 2 years of feeling like crap from the shots. I guess they have come a long ways since the 90's when I was diagnosed and treated.
By Gomezy3k  Jun 06, 2010
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