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How long does Marijuana stay in your system?
Posted in Marijuana Addic... by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Jul 06, 2010
"There isn't much to say except that I have heard a lot of people say different figures for how long marijuana stays in your body after use, and it would be much appreciated if you could give me the answer. Thank you."

Urine, blood, saliva, and hair can all be tested for marijuana (cannabinoid) metabolites. Urine testing is the most common, is generally less expensive, and it is more widely available.

A positive urine test establishes past use but cannot give you an exact timeline of last use. This is because cannabinoid metabolites persist in bodily fluids for extended periods of time and are excreted slowly. Thus, urine tests for marijuana metabolites remain positive after discontinuation of marijuana for up to:

• 7 to 10 days in a casual marijuana user

• Two to four weeks in a heavy user

• Months in a chronic heavy user

An interesting way to assess current marijuana use is sweat patch testing. The person wears the patch, which continuously absorbs sweat. The patch is more resistant to cheating compared to urine tests because once the patch is removed, the edges become disfigured if the patient attempts to replace it. The patch can be worn for a few hours to a few weeks, after which it falls off. The patch collects evidence of cannabis use during the time it is worn. The patch is intended to be removed under direct observation, after which it is sent to a laboratory for testing.

You may be aware that many remedies have been recommended for helping pass a urine drug screen for marijuana including strip NC (natural cleanser) from GNC, green tea, niacin (500mg), and vitamin B complex among others. I know of no evidence that these work and most urine, hair and blood tests are so sensitive I can’t imagine it helps.

Dr O.

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One of my daughters is a fairly heavy smoker (marijuana) and refuses to even continue stopping. Because of this, she has severely limited the types of jobs she can apply for. So many places nowadays require drug testing.

She says that she would rather stay with the dead-end, low-paying job where she is now than quit smoking. This is very hard for me to understand.
By madbookworm  Jul 07, 2010
The length of time mj stays in your system is highly individual. I smoke daily. Before meds, I was clean in 4 days. Now on morphine, it takes 11 days. Urinalysis comes in 2 forms: Usually dip cards/cups are used. GC/MS is much more accurate. GC/MS is used to confirm a positive result and it is used in the military. Do this experiment, to know how long it will take for YOU: 1. Order 12 mj urinalysis dip cards($25-30.) 2. Test yourself every 3-4 days until you are clean.For example:Day 3: dirty Day 6: dirty. Day 9: borderline, 2nd line is barely visible. Day 12: clean. Therefore, you need 10-12 days to pass. Repeat the process to test accuracy. To test THC cleansers, repeat the process, and see if you test clean sooner. These products worked somewhat for me, reducing a 11 day period to 7-8 days. Drink plenty of fluids.
By ChronicIL  Jul 07, 2010
3 months roughly if a heavy user. Consume things with anti-oxidants in such as cranberry juice, blueberries and tes.
By BazLazarus  Jul 07, 2010
I have always wanted to say my buzz only lasts a couple hours but seriously I have always wondered about "contact high" is there such a thing and if not doesn't it kind of kill the whole second hand smoke mumbo jumbo?
By nobody666  Jul 07, 2010
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