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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Crack Cocaine
Posted in Cocaine Addicti... by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Sep 04, 2013
Crack is back in the news with Lamar Odom. Smoking cocaine (“freebase” or “crack”) is now the most common method of cocaine abuse. Those of us in medicine are never surprised to hear continued struggles with crack as we are all too familiar with that devil. Here are things that will shock you about crack.
1. It is the illegal drug most often associated with emergency department visits in the US.

2. One in six persons who use cocaine will develop dependence or a moderate to severe cocaine use disorder.

3. Cocaine use is most prevalent in urban men aged 15 to 35 years.

4. Abuse is greater with smoked cocaine (crack) compared to intranasal cocaine.

5. Cocaine base has a low melting point, which is why it is easily smoked.

6. Use of alcohol with cocaine may cause more severe and longer lasting toxic effects.

7. Toxicity can occur without heavy use. There is poor correlation between cocaine plasma concentrations and toxicity. Use it even once, in moderation, and you can get into trouble. I’ve seen this.

8. Drug testing detects cocaine two to four days after the last cocaine use, although this can be up to 14 days after heavy, prolonged use.

9. Seizures, heart failure, stroke, dead (ischemic) bowel leading to resection of your colon, psychosis that doesn’t resolve, fibrotic lungs with emphysema are among the few things I’ve seen more than once in our patients smoking crack.

10. There is no “treatment” for withdrawal from crack cocaine. Depression, anxiety, cocaine craving, and increased sleep are the most common symptoms which usually resolve within one to two weeks.
Crack. Just say no.

- Dr. O


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Cocaine is a very dangerous drug that is extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. It is a potent brain stimulant and one of the most powerfully addictive drugs. They can cause disease, addiction, and death. They are also illegal. Drugs have ruined many people’s lives. If anyone have a cocaine drug problem, get help immediately. You have to motivate yourself to keep going.
By mikewilson123  May 14, 2014
I am the mother of an addict. He has been taking crack for nearly twelve years, and sometimes other drugs like CAT as well. It may be that he was also suffering, but our family is going through hell. He nearly faced jail time but the case was withdrawn. He is now unwillingly in a treatment programme but has absconded four times. He has lost his wife and will have no visitation rights to his son unless he remains clean.
My greatest fear is that our situation will never change. I am constantly in fear and every time the phone rings my heart jumps with fear. Can anyone give me advice on what to do if he does not conplete the programme or relapses again. We live in the same town and he always returns home after a binge.
By susane1960gmailcom  Dec 24, 2013
Anxiety seems to creep up as soon as one tries to get aloof from such addiction. The wasting of muscles and other side effects sometimes take a toll on the addict. But one should not loose hope. The feel good hormone L-Dopa also seems to decline in the rehab session and so it becomes quiet tough on the part of addict.
By casabella  Sep 19, 2013
freebase: A method of inhaling drugs by holding a flame under a metal spoon filled with cocaine or any crushed pill. One holds a flame under the spoon and inhales the vapors.

Crack is a solid form a "rock" kind of yellowish color.It is dense, thick, you can't grind it.Poor neighborhoods like in Venice (CA) there are not many car antennas left intact, as the users using their base as a crack pipe. When you walk around in a neighborhood and seeing the missing car antennas you know where you are.

I did drugs in my younger years Recreational use only . Did crack twice. It was so intense high it was unreal.Coca can't even comes close with that kind of high.My ear drums were buzzing.Wanted to get a hit a hit in every 2 minutes .But it is only the first hit.It was so good i never did it again. Cocaine well you take a line and chill for a half hour.I quit cold turkey. Well my last time when i was 29.Have never touched anything since.Made it to 54.
By Reminder  Sep 06, 2013
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