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10 Medical Problems That Will Go Away With Weight Loss
Posted in Obesity by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Jan 17, 2011
Losing weight is an incredible struggle and requires a permanent change in lifestyle. We know the complications associated with being overweight or obese, and if you are embarking on a weight loss journey you may gather strength knowing that many of these are reversible or significantly improved with weight loss.

Here are common obesity associated medical conditions that will resolve or improve with weight loss.

1. Insulin resistance and adult onset diabetes: Let me keep it simple, the lifestyle changes of weight loss and exercise will reverse your insulin resistance and your need for oral diabetes medications. I promise. I see it every day in clinic.

2. High blood pressure (Hypertension): Being overweight or obese increases your risk of high blood pressure. If you are hypertensive and on blood pressure medications and you lose weight, you will often be able to lower or remove your blood pressure medications.

3. Dyslipidemia: your cholesterol panel, especially your triglycerides, will improve with weight loss and exercise.

4. Fatty liver disease (Non Alcoholic Liver Disease): This is now the number 1 cause of abnormal liver function tests in the United States. Fatty liver disease is no joke and can progress to cirrhosis. The abnormal liver blood tests and your fatty liver will normalize significantly with weight loss.

5. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): Obesity is the main risk factor for OSA and with weight loss you will see this improve and often completely resolve.

6. Joint pain: Obesity is strongly associated with the development of osteoarthritis, especially arthritis of the knees. A 10 pound weight loss over 10 years decreased the odds for development of knee osteoarthritis by 50%. Losing weight will also improve joint function overall.

7. Gallstones (Cholelithiasis): Obesity is the most common cause of gallstones in children and a large contributor in adults. Losing weight will decrease your risk of gallstones.

8. Skin: Many skin conditions are associated with obesity including: furuncles, abscesses, hidradenitis suppurativa and intertrigo (yeast infections in the folds of skin and under the breasts). These will improve and often resolve with weight loss.

9. Hyperandrogenism/PCOS: Obesity is associated with an increased risk of hyperandrogenism and early onset polycystic ovary syndrome. This is especially true for adolescent girls. PCOS can lead to irregular periods, insulin resistance and hirsuitism (increased hair growth).

10. Psychological issues related to obesity: Alienation, poor self esteem, anxiety and depression are all associated with obesity. In a study done on severely obese children and adolescents, their reported health related quality of life scores were similar to that reported by children and adolescents with cancer.

Fight on!

Dr O.

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Dear Dr. O......I think you need to do more research on HS before you can give accurate advice on the condition. I am not a doctor, but I know a lot more than you do about this condition. I had HS for 20 years and believe me, being overweight has absolutely NOTHING to do with this disease, but diet does. On top of that, HS can not be cured with antibiotics (I've tried them all), I went to numerous doctors that tested and proded me, but had no idea what I had, they all told me I need to wash more, lose weight (which I did), etc....... NONE of the doctors had a cure or reasonable suggestion to improve my HS. Try reading "The Hidden Plague" by Tara Grant, you might learn something. The only thing Doctors these days know how to do is prescribe pills and cut you open. So I am sorry if I offended you with my comments Dr. O.
By caraiman  May 09, 2014
I have HS and have had it since I was 12 years old. I had the same issues with my skin when I was a "healthy" (by the way, I don't believe just being skinny designates one as being healthy) young adult at 5' 6" and 130 lbs as I have now at 190 lbs. Same flares regardless of my weight. It's important that the medical community beef up on HS knowledge from REAL HS suffers before writing articles that will be read by so many. False hope is devastating to someone with
a disease with no known cure.
By Chickiedoo  Apr 06, 2012
Hidradenitis Suppurativa is not resloved by weight loss. Some people have onset of HS after gaining weight, but many people get it at puberty or any other random time in their life. More importantly, once they have it they cannot get rid of it, even if they lose weight (provided they were even over weight to begin with).
By PrettyMama  Jan 25, 2012
Hidradenitis Suppurativa has NOTHING to do with being overweight. This Dr.Orrange has no idea what she is talking about...

'Orange you glad she's not your doctor.' lol
By J1stocker  Jan 24, 2012
Dr. O needs to learn more about hidradenitis suppurativa, and while she is at that, apologize to those of us who have this orphan disease. Shame on her. Shame, shame, shame.
By Colleenie  Jan 23, 2012
Being a person afflicted with HS, I find your posting in the skin section very offensive. Those of us who have it AND have personal FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of this disease know that obesity is NOT the cause of our HS. The idea of weight being the cause is an idea perpetuated by both the medical profession and those not in the field simply because they don't have a clue what really causes it, much less what treatments are effective. Things that work for one person may not work for another. Please bone up on your info, or at the VERY least, talk to those of us WITH HS before perpetuating the same idiotic myth about HS. HS IS NOT CAUSED BY OBESITY OR WEIGHING MORE THAN ONE SHOULD.
By ShannonA  Jan 23, 2012
Hidradenitis suppurativa ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE RESOLVED, OR EVEN IMPROVE WITH WEIGHT LOSS. Nor is is caused by obesity. I got it when I was 12 years old and healthy. You are 100% wrong and should really not only correct yourself but apologize. People with this disease often end up unhealthy because exercise is EXCRUCIATING and the depression is so severe it goes hand in hand with a bad diet. If anything OBESITY is caused BY Hidradenitis Suppurativa, not the other way around. Get it straight.

I have lost 85 pounds and am living a healthy lifestyle yet my hidradenitis rages on like it always has.

I absolutely support and encourage EVERYONE, HS or not to lose some weight, feel better about yourself-it makes you just feel better in general. But don't be fooled, weight loss will absolutely not cure HS.
By afflicted87  Jan 21, 2012
Weight Gain is not the Cause of Hidradenitis....doctors just SAY It so, because they know nothing about it's cause or treatments! I didn't discover this Horrible disease until I lost 10 pounds. Losing 20 pounds didn't help me either. And I STILL Have High Blood Pressure. Weight Loss did not help me AT All.
By respectful  Apr 13, 2011
Weight "loss" is a negative term used for the burning off of unhealthy body fat, why not term it positively by addressing it as healthy "fat burning" instead? Negative and healthy conflict with one another, is it possible then that the reason why so many struggle with weight loss is because "loss" means unhealthy in other ways other than in weight term?
By LonesomeOwnsome  Mar 08, 2011
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