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When Children Grow Up Too Fast, Some Advice
Posted in Gay Parenting by Dr. Jeremy F. Shapiro on May 06, 2013
So I’m taking a little break from my usual sharing of research articles or medical guidelines pertaining to our children to really just vent or shall I say, express my sadness in the fact my children are growing up so fast. Now granted, this is something I see all the time in my practice and I’ve had the opportunity to hear from parents of older children about how quickly our children grow up. But no matter how prepared I think I might be, it’s always a little different when it comes to your own children…one day they’re headed off to kindergarten and then next thing you realize, they are on the cusp of entering high school.

But along with just trying to be around as much as possible, something I’ve specifically done to help slow down this process is coach my daughters’ soccer teams. Being an enormous fan of soccer, this has been the perfect way for me to connect with my daughters (unfortunately, I’m no longer coaching my son) over the years. And with my oldest, we just completed our 6th full year (so 12 different seasons) of recreational league soccer. Nothing too serious (we actually didn’t win a game during last year’s Fall season) but something I’ve been impressed with is attendance at practice and games is pretty much always near 100%.

There are the occasional glimpses of what we worked on during practice showing up during the games, but my greatest joy is just being out there with my daughter during these years where I’ll often find her bedroom door closed when I get home each day.

And while I can’t really recall the last time she said thank you for coaching her and her friends, I know when she’s a bit older, she’ll realize how cool it was I coached her all these years despite how uncool I may seem to her at the present time.

So if there is any advice I can share to parents of the younger children in how to slow down the process of growing up so fast… along with trying to be around as much as possible, try to find a specific activity with your child and stay connected with it for as long as possible.

Fortunately, following a great spring season, all the girls on my oldest daughter’s team have elected to return in the Fall… so I get to hold on a little bit longer.

Dr. Jeremy


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