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My child hates milk. How important is milk for a toddler?
Posted in Parenting Toddl... by Dr. Jeremy F. Shapiro on Jun 18, 2010
"She is still on formula at this point. She loves yogurt and does ok with veggies, her weight is good. My question is how important is it that toddlers/children drink milk?"

Very nice to hear from you and an important question you ask.

And the simple answer is cow’s milk is very important for an infant who has reached 12 months of age and no longer breastfeeding. Let me explain to you why.

Firstly, with more and more research highlighting the benefits of Vitamin D (e.g. bone development, immune system, cancer prevention, and so on), cow’s milk is a great source of this so very important vitamin. Furthermore, regular whole fat cow’s milk also has a high fat and caloric content important for the neurological development (including a child’s vision) of a child, particularly from age 1-2 years.

Now the problem of not wanting to transition from formula (or breast milk) to regular cow’s milk is more common than one might think. Some things worth trying are to give just a small amount each day and gradually increase over a period of time or to mix some regular milk with the formula (or breast milk) and each day gradually increasing the amount of regular milk in the mixture. And if both of these measures fail, then I will try “doctoring” it up where a parent can mix a tiny bit of some artificial flavoring (e.g. strawberry or chocolate) to get the child to drink the regular milk. If this method works, then gradually wean out the “flavoring” over time.

Dr. Jeremy

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You're not going to believe this son did not like milk or formula either. My pediatrician told be to give my son Nestle's Quick in it...not wanting to raise my child on chocolate milk, I opted for strawberry flavor. lol To this day, at 21 he likes the occassional strawberry milkshake!
By dailyfooddiaryuser  Jun 29, 2010
I have even known a parent that tied his child up so he could force feed them. If they are lactose intollerent (which is a smelly mess) he was just making them worse.
By dewounded  Jun 24, 2010
This answer is pure garbage! Cow's milk plays a huge role in the development of most allergies, asthma, and contributes to many inflammatory diseases. Many babies don't like cows milk for a reason. Forcing it on them is only harmful. Leafy green vegetables (or a subatance made therefrom) can provide most of the proteins and minerals for which we drink milk. Goat milk,sheep milk, or coconut milk is much less harmful than the hormone-laden cows milk to which we are exposed. If a child is avoiding milk, there is probably a good reason. (I hated milk as a child, but dutifully drank it. When I was 27, my long-standing allergy manifested itself. Now, I avoid it, and my body is much happier!)
By drdim  Jun 18, 2010
I would agree with the previous comment.. there is a lot of research and debate against the benefits of pasteurized cows milk for humans. I'm surprised that more physician's aren't aware or are choosing to ignore this discrepency but I think it's a disservice to patients. There are other healthier choices, or if you choose milk, why raw milk is better.. I suggest you check out for the varying perspectives on this issue. Dr. Mercola is a board-certified osteopath and family doc. who practices and advocates for a holistic approaches to medicine, and looks at all the science out there.
By mightyo  Jun 18, 2010
Cow's milk is for cows. Nature didn't intend for humans to drink cow's milk. Milk is full of hormones and chemicals, and most people have no idea what's actually in it. You wouldn't just give your child a whole host of hormones, would you? I'm amazed that doctors are supportive of giving cow's milk to children with all that's in it. Mother knows best- and I'm referring to Mother Nature.
By MyMiniMonk  Jun 18, 2010
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