Dr. Shapiro completed his undergraduate education at UC San Diego, earning a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and a B.A. in Political Science. He furthered his education at UCLA where he earned a Masters Degree in Public…
When new parents-to-be come and interview me to be their child’s pediatrician, nearly all ask my thoughts about antibiotic use. I certainly understand the question as most parents (but not all) prefer their children don’t receive antibiotics if they are not needed. And I certainly agree-- my typical response to parents is something along the lines of, “I will use them if I feel they are ... Read More »
It’s obviously been a difficult winter climate-wise. With the extra cold temps affecting most of the U.S., winter illnesses are now in full force, including those out here in warmer Southern ... Read More »
So in my previous 3 articles regarding children and divorce, I first discussed ... Read More »
When folks find out I’m a pediatrician, most think I’ve seen or encountered just about every pediatric medical condition ever diagnosed. And while I’ve seen my share over the years as a ... Read More »
I’m fortunate where I live there is much emphasis placed on the importance of not smoking. It certainly doesn’t mean no one smokes, but in my practice population, the number of parents and ... Read More »
In this next article about children in divorcing families, I now turn to some tips for parents to help their children adjust to this life-impacting event. But before presenting this list, I do want ... Read More »
In this second article about the impact of divorce on children, I’d like to spend some time discussing some of the clinical findings one might see in children when their parents are divorcing. ... Read More »
The holidays are in full force right now and with that I’d like to return to an article I wrote a couple years back about some important holiday safety tips. So with thanks to the AAP as well as ... Read More »
Babies, Family and the Holidays The holiday season is in full force now, and I seem to be fielding a lot of questions from parents of newborns and young infants about what they can and can’t ... Read More »
Let’s begin with a sobering statistic that 1 out of 2 marriages end in divorce. Again, that’s 1 out of 2 marriages here in the U.S. end in divorce with many of these divorces involving ... Read More »

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