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Can Vaccines Cause Autism?
Posted in Autism / Autism... by Doctor Oz on Jun 18, 2014
The stories of parents describing the transformation of their previously healthy children into children with autism are strong and common, but large-scale epidemiologic studies in a number of countries clearly demonstrate that vaccines are not responsible for the autism epidemic. It may trigger autism in a small number of genetically primed individuals – and these individuals most probably would have developed autism anyway.

Vaccination is not the cause of the autism epidemic, but might trigger autism in genetically susceptible children. We cannot currently identify such vulnerable children prior to vaccination. As genetic triggers become better known, and as testing becomes safer, less expensive, and more available, we may be able to identify all such individuals who are at risk for vaccine-triggered diseases and avoid vaccinating them.

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Yes, I believe vaccines cause Autism.

There is a generation that was manufactured from a conveyor belt and brought up by TV. I was part of that generation.

It was an attempt to create an army of; to quote Pat Buchanan; Militant Secularists.
By Desigol1979  Jun 22, 2014
I think there's plenty of evidence to suggest that vaccination is a poorly thought out solution to a problem that is primarily caused by absolute poverty, overcrowding, poor sanitation, malnutrition or toxicity in our diet and environment.

There are so many vested interests in this industry that admission of harm would be so damaging not only to the reputation of those in the health profession such as yourself, but to the mothers and fathers who would have to live with knowing they may have unwittingly harmed their child.

It's time to stop patronizing and goading vaccine skeptics. I saw in an article on ds that said: A 'study' showed x and y - the use of quotation marks to suggest quackery.

The genetic angle to me sounds like moving the goal posts and admitting a level of accountability acceptable to those responsible.

"and these individuals most probably would have developed autism anyway."

... ?
By AnotherYou  Jun 22, 2014
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