Marriage and Family Therapist
Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross is a licensed psychotherapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience in the fields of clinical psychology and organizational management. She has worked extensively with a wide variety of…
There is a tendency for people to come to therapy with the expressed desire of feeling better, and by this, many mean off loading their painful or unpleasant emotions. There is also a tendency for ... Read More »
It seems like every year the holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier. Certainly there are economic factors at play. The earlier things go on sale for a particular holiday, the more stuff ... Read More »
A Report published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest on research done by Drs. Stephen Lewandowsky and Ullrich Ecker, who are out of The University of Western Australia, concluded ... Read More »
Any parent who has more than one child knows the joys of watching siblings play together, support each other, and grow together. They also know that there is probably no sound more irritating than ... Read More »
Previously I wrote an article about a father who shot his daughter’s laptop as a punishment to her. He filmed himself destroying her computer, and then he posted it on Facebook as a way to ... Read More »
As we head towards November and the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections, new research tells us that presidents who display high levels of specific traits tend to do better on the job. The research ... Read More »
Just today, a friend’s daughter was struggling with separation after being dropped off at preschool. It was not that long ago that I had to leave my crying preschooler in the capable hands of a ... Read More »
Developing good social skills at a young age can help people to be successful in many different areas of their life. Social skills embody everything from making eye contact to how we are able to ... Read More »
Anyone who has suffered with an anxiety disorder knows the toll the condition can take on his or her ability to maintain a healthy relationship. This type of mental illness is relatively common and ... Read More »
The relationship between a father and daughter can be incredibly sweet but it can also be fraught with heartbreak when “Daddy’s little girl” grows up and falls in love. There is a transition ... Read More »
Television shows such as “Will & Grace” brought the dynamic between gay men and straight women into public light. That particular show was a comedy so we sometimes saw the cartoon version of ... Read More »

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