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There May Be A Scientific Cure For Heartbreak
Posted in Breakups & Divo... by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross on Jan 28, 2011
A study published in Science Daily that was conducted by Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Ortigue determined that it only takes a fifth of a second to fall in love.

So often in my practice I talk to clients about their patterns of choosing a partner and unfortunately those patterns are often unhealthy. When driven by pure emotion and in the absence of rational thought, people can be swept away quite instantaneously. This study revealed that the act of falling in love uses 12 different areas of the brain which all elicit different responses. Some of those feelings are similar to those that would be experienced through the use of cocaine and others stimulate a more cognitive or intellectual part of the brain. It is no wonder that people often describe feeling out of control in the early stages of a relationship.

Unconditional love such as that between a mother and a child is said to originate in the middle brain. Romantic love is said to originate in the part of the brain responsible for higher order thinking and ideas such as those around body image. In other research, blood levels of NGF or Nerve Growth Factor were shown to be elevated in couples who had just fallen in love.

All of the studies in this area do confirm that love actually has a scientific basis and while that might not sound romantic to some, for clinicians it is a hopeful path to treating those with a broken heart. By understanding how and why people fall in love clinicians will be better able to design and implement treatment for their heartbroken patients. The knowledge can help both patients and practitioners appreciate the powerful nature of falling love from an intellectual as well as an emotional basis.

- Cyndi

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Nice discussion !
By johnlasseter  Mar 20, 2012
...forever alone
By jg3097  Feb 07, 2011
...forever alone
By jg3097  Feb 07, 2011
It takes a fraction of a second to "fall in love" and a lifetime of pain and heartaches.
By persistence62  Feb 01, 2011
Re: blood levels, so do we want a blood transfusion from someone who is in love.

And as far as treating the brain, the brain controlls the body so that's not new. Fight or flight kicks in when we are going thru a tramatic experience in our life. Replacing something that was once there with something else is usually the remedy.
I really thought this article WAS going to give an exact solution, too!
By energylost  Feb 01, 2011
A 5th of a second to fall in love, interesting to know and pretty well right when I relate it to personal experience. I will stay in touch to find out the scientific cure for heartache, I also have personal life experience many times over when it comes to this terrible mental anguish it causes.
By TormentInsideMe  Feb 01, 2011
well everyone tells me that I am overprotective for not goin out with the guys who ask me out, but only now I am sure that thinkin logically before getting into any relationship is the best way to prevent my heart from being broken! I think that "passionate" luv can be achieved with any guy who knows how to flirt...but just like a torch, it never lasts...
By drwho546  Jan 30, 2011
I am so disappointed!! LOL!! I was really thinking the scientific answer/cure for the heartbroken would be revealed in this article!! :) and :( hurry up scentists!!
By October29  Jan 29, 2011
nice sharings
By johnallen142  Jan 29, 2011
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