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I keep having dreams of dying. What does this mean?
Posted in Bereavement by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross on Jun 11, 2010
"Within the past 2 months I've had dreams of dying a horrible death and it is almost a different situation each time. Example, sitting at home and the ceiling fan drops on top of me, a car crashes through the house where I'm sitting, sitting at a traffic light and the car next to me suddenly explodes, etc. What does this mean?"

Without knowing the details of your life it is impossible to say what your dreams actually mean. There are many schools of thought around analyzing dreams and some believe that certain images and scenarios always represent something specific. I do not ascribe to this theory but believe instead what many clinicians believe, which is that you are the best person to analyze your own dreams. It helps to have someone guide you through a series of questions that can help you put your finger on what these dreams mean to you and why they are recurring. Think about what these dreams conjure up for you, possibly fear and anxiety or maybe apprehension, and how those emotions are playing out in your life currently. Do you have any big decisions pending or are you participating in something that you are not comfortable with? Your dreams do sound like a function of some inherent anxiety in your life and we often act out in our sleep what is too difficult or painful to deal with during our waking hours. Are you anticipating some disaster in your life in the near future or are you facing great uncertainty that is causing you to fall asleep emotionally unsettled?

Often I will ask my clients to keep a journal by their bed and write their dreams down the very moment they open their eyes. Pieces of dreams start to fade away with every passing minute of being awake so capturing them early can help you to fill in the blanks. After a week of journaling your dreams sit down with the information and try to begin to make sense of how the content of your dreams apply to your waking hours. Once you determine this, and depending upon what you discover, you will want to deal with the actual stressors in your life head on. As you do you will likely notice that these dreams will no longer burden your slumber.

- Cyndi

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I had a horrific mightmare that a psyc tortured me 3 times. But I was only horribly tortured twice by insane docs so thank goodness that dream didn't come true.
By dewounded  Jun 13, 2010
I had a horrific mightmare that a psyc tortured me 3 times. But I was only horribly tortured twice by insane docs so thank goodness that dream didn't come true.
By dewounded  Jun 13, 2010
Recurrent dreams of dying could mean you have sleep apnea and are not breathing and you feel like you're dying. Go have a sleep test done.
By han2loe  Jun 12, 2010
Years ago I had dreams like this during a destructive relationship.
Once I left the situation, the dreams stopped. I agree about the dream journals. They can reveal a lot.
By CindiEponaBri  Jun 12, 2010
I kept a dream journal for about 6 months and it was an eye opener. I always remember at least one of my dreams every night, probably because I wake up several times. But the dreams were troubling me so I decided to write them down. When I would only just think about the dreams they made no sense what-so-ever, but when I would write them down, it was very obvious what the dreams meant and I learned a whole lot about myself. Everyone should try this. It's amazing. I find that dreams are really mostly about our hopes, fears, longings, and regrets... And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and they mean nothing at all....only you will know the difference.
By Jax22jax  Jun 11, 2010
Most of my dreams are my subconscious struggling to make sense of life. I have learned, that even the nightmares aren't real, don't predict the future, and to realize it is just my brain, trying to communicate with me.

Again, I agree that only you can figure out what they mean.
By Angela53510  Jun 11, 2010
It means you've been watching Final Destination a tad bit too often. No, just kidding. I don't have a clue. Hope this made you smile though.
By GiselleSylphide  Jun 11, 2010
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