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Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross is a licensed psychotherapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience in the fields of clinical psychology and organizational management. She has worked extensively with a wide variety of…
Introverts don’t always wear a sign on their forehead calling them out and in fact, they themselves may not even be aware of their introverted nature. Having this type of personality isn’t about being shy or socially awkward. In fact, according to Dr. Martin Olsen Laney, psychotherapist and the author of The Introvert Advantage, this is a basic temperament and “it affects everything ... Read More »
So much of my work is about helping people learn to live in the present. I live and work in a major city where the norm is to hustle from work, to appointments, to meetings, to the gym, to carpool, ... Read More »
It is never easy when the roles between parent and child need to be reversed, but it is more often than not the way life plays out. As people age and health declines, adult children often step-up to ... Read More »
There have been so many tributes in the last couple of days highlighting the amazing talent of a man who died too young. Yes, Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great actor; he was also an addict and ... Read More »
Have you ever really listened to what is being said during a game, practice or a meet, to the child athletes? Do you regularly attend practice and sit on the sidelines to watch the interaction ... Read More »
Being down is not the same as being depressed despite the fact that we hear people swap those words fairly frequently. New clients will often come into my office saying that they are “depressed” ... Read More »
Giles Story, Ph.D., led a research team in a study to determine the basic process that surrounds the anticipation of pain. The results of this study were published in PLOS Computational ... Read More »
There are many factors that contribute to a child’s level of intelligence and brain development. The reality that children of privilege tend to score higher on tests and have greater access to ... Read More »
Some things are simply better if forgotten. As we go through our daily lives we hold onto memories both significant and meaningless. This is how our brains work. As we age we tend to forget stuff, ... Read More »
It may just look like the winter blues but that feeling some people experience at this time of the year is much more than that. There is a very specific type of depression that occurs in the fall and ... Read More »

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