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10 Benefits (Yes, Benefits) of Having the Flu
Posted in Senior Health &... by Carole Carson on Feb 06, 2013
When the Flu strikes, laughter is often the best medicine. And right now I could do with a taste of my own.

You see, when you're flat on your back with the flu, like I am, the ceiling becomes a blank slate on which you can write your thoughts. Still bedbound on day five of what experts say is usually a three-day event (I would love to personally update these "experts",) I have moved on from feeling sorry for myself to thinking about the advantages of this dramatic interruption in my life's reel.

I found 10 benefits to offset the inconvenient and uncomfortable minuses:
1. You save on groceries.

2. You lose weight quickly.

3. You get to play hooky. Once friends learn you are sick, no one wants you to attend a meeting or a party. And you don't feel a trace of guilt for abandoning your exercise program.

4. You don't have to make excuses for wearing your pajamas at 2 p.m.

5. You can manipulate expressions of sympathy from your friends.

6. You can catch up on your reading.

7. You can persuade your spouse to wait on you hand and foot.

8. You realize that, however important you think your work is, the world gets along just fine without you.

9. You don't have to prepare meals or do housework.

10. You aren't tempted by the hamburger or pizza commercials on television.
Don't get me wrong. I would much rather have avoided this unpleasant drama. But since the flu is my fate, I intend to take advantage of the situation. Who knows? I may even spend a few extra days in bed just for the fun of it.

- Carole Carson


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Really? I know that this is a messed up society when a doctor sees having the flu as a way to lose weight better than taking personal responsibilities for your own health.

I know this is supposed to be humorous, but it's just not.
By chris1976  Feb 10, 2013
kinda true...LOL I had strep and body aches with that so missed a few days of work BUT rather of not had it but being home was nice
By serenityspeaks  Feb 07, 2013
Too right, Carole!!! I remember looking forward - ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD - to having the joints in both of my knees replaced (at the same time) - mainly so that I could get out of work for a couple of weeks. Kinda sad, when you prefer pain, very limited and difficult mobility, and a fairly lengthy healing time to what you do for a living. Needless to say, I was VERY glad to retire!
By madbookworm  Feb 07, 2013
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