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Is it a bad thing that I don't eat healthy foods in recovery?
Posted in Eating Disorder... by Dr. Kimberly Dennis on Jan 15, 2010
"Dear Dr. Dennis,

Over the past eight years, I have battled with an eating disorder. First it was anorexia, and later came bulimia. I am now on my way through recovery! =} I am at last appreciating food for what it is -- fuel for the body. However, i have only been able to eat half to three quarters of what the food pyramid says you should have each day. Is this a bad thing? I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks."

Dear Reader,

First, I would encourage you to change the question slightly to, "Is this useful or detrimental to my recovery?" rather than using the word "bad." And secondly, I encourage you to get support with your food -- share what you're eating on a daily basis with a support person in recovery (nutritionist, OA or EDA member, sponsor, therapist). It will help you to have extra eyes on what's going on with you and food.


Dr. Dennis

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I know nothing about eating disorders but I am absolutly certain that too much meat is unhealthy.
I sometimes eat meat but usually I prefer veges or seafood. I am trying to eat less and less meat.
Dr. Dennis, you didnt answer my question in the other post?
By ESI1  Jan 16, 2010
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