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How does diabetes affect the eye?
Posted in Diabetes Type 2 by Dr. Robert Abel, Jr. on Oct 22, 2009
Changes to the eye caused by diabetes are collectively known as diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes affects the eye in two ways, 1. The changing blood sugar levels affect the lens of the eye and blood vessels in the retina 2. Changes in the lens cause vision to blur with the changing blood sugar levels. The same fluctuations cause blood vessels to leak, including those in the eye. Diabetes can affect many organs, and an annual examination of the retina is important because it is a good indicator of overall vascular status. Patients with insulin dependent or type 1 onset diabetes don’t exhibit hemorrhages and exudates in the retina as early as patients with type 2. Early abnormalities in the center of the retina (macula) or in the peripheral blood vessels may be corrected with laser or other therapies.

Fluctuating vision caused by the change of sugar in the lens of the eye may be the first sign of diabetes along with extreme thirst and frequent urination. Insurance companies require primary care doctors to forward annual information, which includes an eye examination. Therefore, ophthalmologists are required to perform an annual eye care exam for diabetics. Many diabetics can actually improve through diet and exercise, of which both regulate their blood sugar and may require less medication. Diabetes represents a condition where there needs to be a strong partnership between patients and health care providers. It is often avoidable and manageable, and therefore it is important to recognize and treat it before profound complications such as diabetic retinopathy occur.

Dr. Abel

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helpful information. you can find more question on this topic at:
By aileen2013  Oct 26, 2009
I am a pre-diabetic. My A1C was 140 and now it is down with a diabetic diet to 6.2. I try to keep my daily carb amounts to 90 per day. I have tried to find out what is the right amount to keep them to each day and have found nothing. Can you help me with this? Even 2 cups of broccoli is 28 carbs and that is one meal which doesnt really fill you up. I know what I should be eating now, just not how many carbs for the day.

By Mikasa  Oct 23, 2009
My husband has type 2 diabetes. Thank you for this information. Looking forward to your further posts ! :-)
By elainebr  Oct 23, 2009
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