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  • Courageous Police Wives

    Posted by KMS08 - 05/17/09, 05:02 am

    "Police Wives Prayer" Dear God, give me COURAGE, for perhaps I lack it more than anything else. I need COURAGE as I witness my husband's departure for duty each day. I need COURAGE as I see him put on his uniform because I know the abuse that perhaps he will be subjected to before he retu...

  • Hug

    confusedundercover (01/03/13)

    Hey all, just wanted to give you all a new year's hug because you all are amazing. It's been nice to have a support group with people who understand. Thank you.

  • Hug

    mjsj5 (11/20/11)

    New to the group, so what better way for me to say "thanks for being here" than with a hug. My boo is a federal agent, and I feel many of the struggles you all face. I thought I could handle the pressures of this life on my own, but my friends can't begin to understand. It's ...

  • Hug

    MDPwife (01/29/11)

    I just wanted to give everyone a hug and say hi ! I'm so excited to have found a group for support for the type of lives we live as officers wives! I have been married for 16 years so I'm not really the new kid on the block when it comes to issues that may come up when be being married t ...

  • Hug

    KMS08 (10/01/08)

    I wanted to give everyone a really big hug today. Hope everything is well with all of you. Be sure to give all your officers a hug today for a job well done!