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A Birthday Wish for Emma (7yrs old)

Posted on 07/23/13, 05:32 pm
I read an article this morning and my heart is breaking for a little 7 yr old girl who is suffering from cystic fibrosis, her mother asked her what one thing she would really love to have for her birthday?She will have to spend her birthday (MONDAY) this year in the hospital. Her wish is to receive 100 birthday cards. I went out to the store and mine will be on the way to her. What a doll she is. I would post the article but I don't know how to do that. :( If any of you lovely ladies would like to send this little angel a card the address is:
Emma Ritter Room 506
C/O Childrens Hospital Central California
9300 Childrens Place
Madera, Ca 93636
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  • Reply #1 07/23/13  5:44pm
  • Reply #2 07/23/13  6:38pm
    Thanks Barbara!
  • Reply #3 07/23/13  7:07pm
    Consider it done, Lori...

    Thanks for the heads up!

    I'm sending a bracelet to her as well... God Bless this child and her loved ones.
  • Reply #4 07/23/13  7:16pm
    Oh gosh I would love to, but it wont get there in time, I will send one anyway and hope and pray it will take days not weeks. XXX
  • Reply #5 07/23/13  7:30pm
    Oh Clay I don't think she will mind if it's a little late, just the fact that she got a card all the way from the UK she will be tickled pink! I knew you lovely ladies would make her day brighter! xxx
  • Reply #6 07/23/13  7:33pm
    Hi Lori,

    The Birthday Card Is In The Mail As I Type !

    " May God Bless This Little Girl. "
  • Reply #7 07/23/13  8:25pm
    Count me in as well !!! Consider it done. :-) Thanks for sharing.
  • Reply #8 07/24/13  11:57am
    Hi Lori, I sent a card today as soon as the post office was open.. I hope it wont take too long to get there, i put in a little note that some volley friends in the Us had told me all about Emma, and wished her a lovely day from me here in the UK, thanks for telling me honey, my Mum is making a welsh card for her, but it will be late for sure as mum has only just started it.. Lots of love XXXXX
  • Reply #9 07/24/13  1:00pm
    Oh how sweet Clay, and your Mum making a welsh card is so kind. Clay what is a welsh card? Hugs...
  • Reply #10 07/24/13  1:38pm
    It will just have our national emblem and a few things in the welsh language honey..XXX


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