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  • Welcome to Weight Loss Buddies

    Posted by Facing50 - 06/21/14, 01:42 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message. As the saying goes…there’s nothing new under the sun. No matter what caused you to look for online support with your weight loss journey, there is someone in the group who can relate. Don’t be shy. We’re all her to support...

  • Knowledge is Power - FAQ

    Posted by Facing50 - 06/21/14, 01:34 pm

    This list shares some of the information from past weight loss buddies posts. The list is currently divided into four sections. Those sections are 1. The science & the odds (of weight loss) 2. Self esteem (and it's relation to weight loss) 3. Nutrition 4. Exercise. As more questions and answers ...

  • Exercise Database - New Pages for 100lbs+

    Posted by Facing50 - 04/30/14, 10:22 pm

    The purpose of this database is to provide members with information about a variety of exercises and their proper form. No matter where you are starting from we have exercise links to help you.  Work hard and play safe.

  • Hug

    2Bfit (07/12/14)

    Let's stay with it!

  • Hug

    Facing50 (07/10/14)

    Hang in there everyone. We'll be reaching the half way point next week.

  • Good Luck

    Facing50 (07/01/14)

    Good luck to both teams.

  • High Five

    Seireness (06/29/14)

    Hey ya'll let's get excited, let's get pumped for this new challenge! I want to see everyone who can signing up and participating with all they have. Come on, you can do it. The time will pass rather you do or not, so get your butts up and let's do this thing!