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do s take advantage of vulnerable people?

Posted on 05/06/13, 03:46 pm
do s ever take advantage of mentally handicappred people or vulnerable adults such as those who are mentally retarded,elderly people with dementia,people with brain tumor,those with physical disability or people with severe psychiatric iseues who cannot look out for themselves/?WOULD they ever chose a victim who already cannot make their own decisions or protect themselves or understand abuse? did you ever hear o this of any s taking advntage of the elderly or victimizing a person whos not mentally stable or alzhiemers or soeone physically disavbled like deaf person or someone in wheelchair? what happens when they victimize disabled people who might not know their being harmed, what do the psychopaths get from that? do they do a different game against them then the normal non disabled victim, like take the money or exploit them or humiliate make fun of the mentally handicapped person?
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  • Reply #1 05/06/13  4:30pm
    Yes they do, they dont care who they take advantage off, if they have something they need or want they will take it, they live for taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable, they are like wolves eating the lambs! it doesnt matter to a sociopaths who their victim are as long as they have something they want.

    I have read stories were sociopaths pretend to care for the elderly only to take their savings! sociopaths who sexually exploit the retarded because they know they wont know how to speak up. They have no limits because people are not human to them, we are objects!
  • Reply #2 05/06/13  4:33pm
    They do the game after what they are after, if they want to elderlies money they fake to be caring for the elderly, making them sign a contract to take care of them so they can take their money after they kill them. That one example.
  • Reply #3 05/06/13  4:39pm
    Yes, absolutely.

    I know because it happened to me. You might think, well l you are not disabled - yes I was, I was stuck in trauma. It was so bad, that I had no connection to the outside world (like news, politics etc) until March 2013!....

    I met two. The first was a distempered psycho. Interestingly he chose to work with elderly people, I said odd things about them too (alzhiemers) - he would get off, pretending to be their 'young man' would tell them that he was taking them out to dinner, they would get excited, and he would take them to the toilet (by then they had forgotten what they were doing and why).... this fulfilled his own narcissistic supply (not really abuse) but how he treated me....absolutely he got off on having power and control over someone who was vulnerable.

    I was still vulnerable when I met the second socicopath - i had came a long way but still had some way to go. He sold me my dreams - lied, manipulated, used what he knew about me to deceive. Stole from my bank and personal items

    The distempered one thrived on humiliating me. The charismatic one only stooped to that level when he had a narcissistic melt down.

    One thing, neither of them showed any guilt, empathy remorse or shame for their actions. I did grow stronger, and began to fight back - last summer, I had a support worker allocated to me, as I still felt vulnerable and was scared to trust anyone after what had happened.

    If it has happened to me, it will happen to others - sadly some people who are permanently vulnerable. I found leaving almost impossible.... Being vulnerable is to the psychopaths advantage.

    It was scary - there were times when I was genuinely really frightened, especially with the first one :(

    Why do they do it? Because its easy..... and the results are pretty much guaranteed - with low risk of being caught!! :(

  • Reply #4 05/06/13  4:41pm
    In answer to your question, do they do a different game than with someone who is not vulnerable?

    The only difference is TIME..... with a normal person the sociopath will attack you until you ARE vulnerable!!!.... whilst the vulnerable person can be worked on from day 1.
  • Reply #5 05/06/13  4:43pm
    The 'game'..... is a continuous one- but it cannot commence if there is not a second player to play with. The sociopath is only interested in those that he can manipulate. A strong person would be difficult to manipulate. But sometimes they like the challenge. First to be able to manipulate you, they would need to start to disarm you.... which is why you can be faced with two completely different characters.
  • Reply #6 05/06/13  5:41pm
    yep many people who are disabled dont look diaabled or might not seem disabled to outsiders or those they meet. but the psychopath can read people and pick up that something is wrong with someone or that they are vulnerable or rsuffering .they know whos more naive and gullible or not able to defend themselbves even if your own famil y and doctorsa re the only ones who know about your disability asuch as something like a psychiatric issue,trauma,past event,learning disability,pain condition etc many peolple with disabilities seem fine most days in publiceven i theyare not ok in their own mind. so many peopple can be vulnerable to be walked on or tricked. i think they pick on tough powerful people less oftenthose peole are more o challenge to them and might not be tricked by them what do you mean about the word disarm?can you explain that?i dont understand that but thats interesting,what do they do when you mean they disarm you? and then what did you mean about 2 different characters? im the gullible type i get pity and sympathy for people who dont need sympathy from me, i worry about people who i owe nothing too.im too much of a pushover floortmat so i wonder if ill meet someone in the future who will be s. im too nice empathy for strangers etc dont know why but im going through something anyways in my own life some type of dissbility where my judgement is not clear so ive been avoiding social situations in the world and just stick to talking to people over the net in home and not outdoors
  • Reply #7 05/06/13  7:36pm
    Yep, the ones I've met have all taken advantage of my vulnerability due to previous trauma.

    Met the first real hard core sociopath when I was just getting out of a 7 year relationship (my first and only relationship to that point) and was really depressed and vulnerable.

    When I realized he was a sociopath and he began stalking me and I found out he was a registered sex offender and he began stalking me, I went to the federal police which is how I met psycho #2. I was extremely vulnerable and scared then, the stalker was going to kill me. And the federal officer/psychopath completely took advantage of that situation.

    They definitely take advantage of vulnerable people. Look how many old people are conned by them for money scams.
  • Reply #8 05/07/13  2:05am
    There is no chance of ever being able to make sense of what P/S/N's do or feel. You cannot second guess them. They are wired completely differently to normal people. That is also why when we try to explain about them to normal people they basically don't believe us because it is simply unbelievable the way they live their lives!
    All we can do is be ASSERTIVE, not to be GRATEFUL just because they try to get round us, buying flowers and chocs, remember they are trying to buy YOU! Don't allow yourself to be lied to. Remember, if anyone lies to us, they must think we are a fool! They CANNOT change, we CAN and MUST!
  • Reply #9 05/07/13  6:57am
    Yes, Jojon, I am reluctant to say some things he did to me to other people because they are so bizare. I´m afraid people will think I´m lying...
  • Reply #10 05/08/13  10:46am
    Its not point trying to explain to people who dont get it. All the sociopaths do is lie, lie, lie and lie and then they lied to cover that first lie and then they even believe their own lies so the lies becomes so convincible. They are the people of the lie., from hello to goodbye!!


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