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Can a sociopath "know" crying? but not feeling it

Posted on 02/08/13, 07:59 pm
I asked my exS when was last time he cried, he answered looking kinda sad " he doesnt want to cry. He didnt give any answer why when I asked. And I didnt get answer on my question as he answered with a statement.

I am asking because it makes me wonder how to interpret that answer. Does a S say he doesnt want to cry because he actually has never cried and doesnt know how else to answer?
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  • Reply #1 02/08/13  9:41pm
    I lived with my exS for over ten years. You want to know when he cried? When we were at the marriage counselor. He made her hate me. He never cried with me and only turned it on to make the counselor think I was the evil one. Crying is a tool they use. And yes, he was diverting a direct answer to your question - they are masters at this technique. My daughter (luckily, a non-S), told me that her father even taught her how diversion techniques. Infuriating! She's only 8 years old.
  • Reply #2 02/08/13  9:48pm
    They cry alright, but never for anyone else, unless of course they were important to their plans, or they're simply not ready to part with that particular toy yet...
  • Reply #3 02/08/13  9:50pm
    Oh, and the sadness is brief. No sociopath has ever been depressed for more than a week, and that's actually a sensitive one.
  • Reply #4 02/08/13  9:50pm
    Lol no. Why are you still talking to him?

    He is saying that cos he is manipulative. They love to play victim, and pull on your heart strings. Dont go feeling sorry for him...

    Can you see what he is doing... he is trying to lure you in.... you really should go NO CONTACT

    Some people can do contact - I could - but - well all i had been through made me pretty emotionally numb and not caring really. And I matched him - as I could. But I never believed a word that came out his lying mouth.

    Yeah they can cry they can turn on the tears at will. I had mine boo hooing for months cos his daughters mother was dying of cancer, and how absolutely devastated he was. Wow he was so devastated - his daughter was going to be without a mother. Tears rolled down his face. He kept this up for MONTHS They are great actors....

    Have to laugh really :) Oh.... it was all a lie. HIs daughters mother wasn't dying of cancer. She wasn't in hospital. She was at home, alive and well, doing her thing.
  • Reply #5 02/08/13  9:51pm
    Either that or I'm really thinking of sociopath-like disorders...
  • Reply #6 02/08/13  11:17pm
    Thanks all of you,for info that they can really cry and even with tears rolling...I thought that was difficult for them, but yes probably easy when its all about them and keeping their supply.

    I am really sorry to hear he learns your daughter these techniques, sward :(

    And what your xS lied about positiva, thats just insane! :(

    I am sorry I wasnt clear...I am not talking to him...this was many months ago...I asked my xS this because I wanted to try get a clue if he was emotionally healthy...as if he had cried before it would tell me he has empathy. But I see now that wouldnt have helped me getting any answer as I now know they can cry and really act. But him diverting the answer may was a sign.
  • Reply #7 02/08/13  11:18pm
    Crocodile tears or feigned tears or at best...TRYING to be REAL...that's a stretch for someone who on the empathy scale ranks...ZERO. Sad but absolutely completely true. I believe they want to truly care but it is such a foreign concept that in reality it comes out fake and feigned to the keen eye and heart. Yet sometimes we are sucked into their paradigm because we DO TRULY FEEL! I don't know whether it is cruelty on their part or an absense of understanding real emotions that causes this obvious lack of empathy.
  • Reply #8 02/08/13  11:21pm
    But yes I believe its funny when looking back at many of the insane lies :)
  • Reply #9 02/08/13  11:22pm
    I didnt know if they could cry real tears and not just crocodile tears...lol
  • Reply #10 02/08/13  11:27pm
    yes crocodile tears at best...Inomoore, I thought crocodile tears was all they could manage to get out...

    Its easy be sucked in when seeing their fake sadness, like you say, we feel it and they know it! who with a good heart can not feel sorry for someone crying? I read somewhere thats what they are thinking.

    I wonder too if they really think they are crying, but most likely they know they fake it. I guess.


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