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The Sex Drive of a Sociopath

Posted on 09/16/11, 07:27 am
My "S" is a woman and she is like a man when it comes to sex. Not a loving & caring man, mind you, but a player. And she can go months & months without sex, but then when she feels the need for sex it's not a need she is looking to be satisfied by the loving & caring man who gives her everything she needs for her & her children, but rather 3:00 AM sex with the meanest bad-ass she can find...a dangerous character...bad boy.

Just wondering, has any one else noticed this about their "S"? I am sure it applies to the male Sociopaths out there too. That they are not looking for loving & caring sex (except to manipulate someone), but their real desire is for sex with some dangerous liason, somone who is not a loving & caring person, but more animalistic and even abusive, like themselves.

I assume most of us here got hurt partly because of the strong emotional bond we feel when we have sex with someone, and of course our "S" feels none of that.

Saw an interesting post on LoveFraud about sex and the female Sociopath:

"....men experience bonding just like normal women-especially when the sex is good. The sex with a female sociopath (I’m told) isn’t just good, it’s better than most mortal men have ever hoped for. Once hooked on the female sociopath, men become victims just as much as the women who become hooked on the male sociopath. Many male victims feel ashamed and emasculated. But, take heart guys, she actually preyed on the more masculine side of your nature, your enjoyment of sex! Why are successful female sociopaths so sexual and so sexually appealing? Science does have some answers for us here. Testosterone which is elevated in many male sociopaths is also elevated in female sociopaths. Studies of non-disordered women indicate that higher testosterone levels are associated with increased sex drive, increased sexual activity and YES sexual attractiveness to men! High testosterone makes both male and female sociopaths sexually appealing. Testosterone may also be related to the lack of parenting behavior seen in sociopathic women. Women with higher testosterone have been found to be less interested in motherhood."

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  • Reply #1 09/16/11  8:28am
    yes, the girl I was "friends" with was obsessed with sex she slept with someone different every few days and it didn't seem to matter how old they were and by that i'm including under age boys.She made out aswell that she wasn't like that like sociopaths do, when i first met her with the mask on she acted all innocent and shy, she told me she had only ever slept with 4 people because she had this condition of a tight vagina she was sore having sex lol which of course was a load of rubbish to try and cover the truth that she was a whore,she also seemed to get a kick out of sleeping with other girls' boyfriends,i have heard recently that she has had a baby(god help it)and its a possibility of 3 fathers and also when she was pregnant she was still having sex with everyone.She was also into phone sex,cam sex anything really and even though she was clearly not gay she even had sex with girls.So yes i have noticed sociopaths have really uncontrollable sex drives the amount this girl has had is unbelievable and it really doesn't matter who it is eg age, sex,race,nationality i dont think it even matters to her if you're related to her as there was rumours of her and her brother which is disturbing but not surprising with this girls erratic behaviour.
  • Reply #2 09/16/11  10:00am
    Psychopaths are known as trisexuals, just as you have described. The more forbidden, the more thrilling it is for them. They are never going to truly bond with anyone, not even another psychopath. I can't tell you how much I wish being a psychopath was against the law. The S's cause so much devastation I can't believe they are allowed to continue on with their trail of devastation. There have been so many times I thought I should kill the S. Even if no one knew it, I felt like it would have been a public service! Then they do make you crazy! I am not in any way saying you should kill the S. I am sure many of us have felt like killing the S, especially at the time when you see them for what they are. I think after the crushing hurt of betrayal, you get mad! The S's are not worth the energy we give to them. We are good people who will recover and be a positive influence. Its not our fault that we live in a society where the behavior of S's is tolerated over and over again. The positive side is we know how to recognize the behavior and will never let ourselves be victims of these predators again!
  • Reply #3 09/16/11  6:42pm
    Yes, he was very sexual. He would have sex with anyone willing to have sex with him. Of course he is gorgeous (a beautiful Italian man). So most girls/guys would give in. It does not matter your age, fat/skinny, tall/short, boy/girl. I could see him trying anything sexual. No boundaries. He loved to tape us…have sex in weird places, the list goes on. (I know! What was I thinking!?)

    I don’t think their sex drive is necessarily stronger. I think that S's might be more willing because they have no boundaries. They are not afraid to unleash. I think most of us have fantasies, but we have moral obligations and a conscience. I have a very high sex drive and I’m not an S! I just couldn’t imagine juggling lots of guys. I would be too paranoid that I might catch something. Plus sex seems like the only thing that may actually make them happy. There are no other outlets for them. Very sad. There is way more to life than sex.

    Gosh it scares me though. I hope when I find the man of my dreams some S woman doesn’t come along and seduces my man...that would suck.
  • Reply #4 09/16/11  9:47pm
    Wow the S I know is what society and he proved to be..."a thug". So now he is in prison I wonder how he is coping...ummm
  • Reply #5 09/21/11  4:02am
    Hell yes!

    I am new to this group. My ex wife leterally fits the bill here. Details are in my journal.

    Now she is visiting her latest "bad Boy" in prison where he is serving a life sentence. I would say that they deserve each other.

  • Reply #6 09/24/11  10:31pm
    I remember spending a very romantic evening walking around the city with my "S" last month and at one point we sat down and looked out onto the water. She said, "Let's talk like guys. What do you really want in bed?". I was a bit hesitant because we had not been dating long, but shared some of my feelings/fantasies. She told me that she had only one partner before me but, there's no way that was true. I felt like I was in a porno movie with her. It got to the point where I could not perform because she was so wild and overbearing. One day she told me her father was very sick and that the only way to save his life was for her to make money as an escort/prostitute. I told her I could not stay with her if she did and she cried relentlessly for me to not leave her. Long story short, she entered that world (my friends say she was probably in it before she met me) and even though I wrote a very sad and loving message to her I have never heard back from her. Although we are not friends on facebook, I can at least see her profile page and her current picture is very scary. She looks like a cold, hard professional escort - not the sweet, shy, and charming girl I (thought I) knew.
  • Reply #7 09/25/11  12:16am
    I've heard stories that S's and their sexuality. I don't know if it's true of my S though. I'm glad I didn't find out, although at times I wonder...
  • Reply #8 09/25/11  4:01am
    I've held off on replying to this one for a while. The S I knew had a healthy sex drive. Too much? I did not notice. Because of circumstances, we were not together every day and night. There was already a built-in routine of being apart and then being together. So I would have not noticed an insatiability.

    The only complaint I had is that it did seem that he had only 1 speed and also that it escalated to what seemed like an acrobatics routine early on in the relationship and that remained constant throughout. It seemed to always be the same theatrics peppered with words that were supposed to emotionally connect us. At the time, they did.

    I can say this. Even though there were no real problems with us in regard to the matter that I felt, he had primed me in a way by pensively telling me about the problems in his previous relationship...frequency problems, communication problems w/ regard to sex, and the need for "prescription" on his end. :) At the time, I thought those things were real problems for him with his past relationship and that we were just more compatible.

    After all is said and done, the last time we were together he mentioned, out of the blue recording us together (didn't happen) about a week after discard he had a one night stand, and shortly after that returned to another victim (the one he incessantly complained about and compared me to), shortly after that he replaced that victim with yet another literally overnight. He absolutely can't be alone. Other victim complained that his is highly sexual. Exposed his children to porn accidently.

    My take - he actually has sex with himself! Also, I think the video was him trying to get a keepsake before discard. Yuck!!!!

  • Reply #9 09/25/11  6:43pm
    Mine, I can say was the most satisying lover I ever had - even after 3 years it was always good in bed.

    That being said, I don't know the truth of anything else with this man. But I'll tell you what he had "told" me about his sexual relations before me - we can choose to believe the liar or not. He said that he had barely ever slept with his wife when they were married and that he knew what day his first child was conceived because that was the only time they had sex that year. Of course, we now know he was still married to her all along - so God knows if that was true. Of his other long term girlfriend, she didn't like sex very much either. Which of course is why he and I had quite a lot of sex - that and the fact that he made me believe it was the reason behind his hair growing back in toward the end of cancer treatments.

    Right before discard, when I saw the mask slip he made some snide comment about "yeah right soinso didn't like sex" - so basically. I think he lied about all that too.

    That and I saw an email from him to some other woman in the middle of our relationship where he says he "loves and misses her". When confronted, he said she was just a friend. Now I realize that sex is an issue for these people - I believe he was probably cheating on me while I was working. He had a car, my debit card, and all day to himself. He could have been doing God knows what. (Yes, got tested for STD's in March - and I'm clean after all that Thank God).
  • Reply #10 09/26/11  1:42am
    Fair~ Thats actually a good point, indeed, and I would have to agree as far as my socio went...

    My socio ex had numerous partners, before, during and after, the sex was actually exciting in the beginning, fun, wild and kinky...then after a while he used sex for control, and as time progressed it got much rougher, yet mechanical.

    At this point looking at his other "partners" the creep will stick it in anything that moves, he doesnt care, and I have a really strong hunch he doesnt care if its male or female...

    ok, I feel like I need to shower with bleach after thinking about this...to reiterate my compadres sentiment here YUCK!!!


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