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  • Robert Hare’s Checklist of Psychopathy Symptoms

    Posted by AgentSmith - 06/08/13, 10:17 pm

    1. GLIB AND SUPERFICIAL CHARM — the tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Psychopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. He can also be a great listener, to simulate empathy ...

  • Prayer

    kathlenej (11/06/13)

    i really feel for all of us.. im going through so much right now... i feel so devestated.. i wanted to slit my wrists yesterday,,, but couldnt for the sake of my son... may GOD kept us in his heart and carry us through this

  • Hug

    superfalcon77 (11/05/13)

    Hugs to all before I leave for work. Stay strong ! See ya later!

  • Hug

    Peperoni (09/29/13)

    Big hugs to all of you!!!! Many thanks to the support group who honored me with so much compassion and understanding... Your soul desires-my heart wishes!!!

  • Hug

    dharma68 (12/24/12)

    Right back at you Beth!!! Big hugs go out to the group...may you be in the company of loved ones during the holiday season and may your New Year keep getting brighter and brighter. Thanks for sharing all of your insightful posts and providing such comforting support here. Warmest regards, Dharma ...