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  • When you feel you're a failure...

    Posted by dallin - 05/16/10, 01:29 am

    ...remember this, you're not a failure, you just have different strengths - I love this, hope you do too :-) An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always d...

  • Code of Practice Employment and Occupation - updated link

    Posted by dallin - 01/12/10, 09:47 am

    SORRY IF YOU HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO ACCESS THIS DOCUMENT  THROUGH THE PREVIOUS LINK I just realised that once again the link on my original News Article was no longer valid. I have now updated the link. Please revisit if ...

  • Code of Practice for Trade Organisations, Qualification Bodies and General Qualifications Bodies

    Posted by dallin - 01/30/09, 03:42 am

    Written by the Disability Rights Commission, and revised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission on 1st May 2008 to bring it right up-to-date and offer detailed guidance, this Code of Practice (the Code) gives practical guidance on how to prevent discrimination against disabled people by trade o...

  • Hug

    dallin (05/15/10)

    UK specific Narcolepsy has a new title of Narcolepsy in the UK :-)

  • Hug

    dallin (05/12/10)

    Thank you all for your valuable contributions to our group :-)

  • Hug

    isismehtet (03/22/10)

    newbie here just stopping by to give hugs and hopfully makes some friends while im here x

  • I'm With You

    dallin (05/23/09)

    Hi everyone, i'm back from my travels, hope you are all feeling well x

  • Good Luck

    dallin (03/17/09)

    Happy St Patrick's Day, to be sure, to be sure x

  • Hug

    dallin (02/02/09)

    Sending out big hugs, cos of the lack of activity on the site, i'm missing y'all, hope everyone's well despite the stinking weather, come back soon xox

  • Hug

    dallin (01/18/09)

    Hi everyone, i just arrived back in uk this evening, so sorry it's late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's great to see new members too, welcome to you all xox

  • Hug

    Annie50 (12/20/08)

    Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a very happy 2009. Lets hope its a good one !