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    Posted by MSInterrupted - 04/23/11, 09:30 am

    Here is a link to the updated label, thank you nnyl1 for providing this info!  

  • I'm With You

    katti (12/18/12)

    Hope everyone is doing well I just got back on computer ater about 6 months,its good for me to hear how everyone is coping with there life, I have been on tysabri for 16 infusions,I still spin or am dizzy most of the time,but my spasms are going away and balance is better,I don't know if my ne ...

  • Hug

    TKoons (11/11/12)

  • Hug

    angelbyfar (03/21/11)

    Hugs for all.

  • Hug

    RidingTall (03/09/11)

    Hey. I'm 'back' lol. Baby's 4 months old now (well this weekend anyway). I seem to be doing okay, but went in yesterday for my infusion and told the nurse I didn't think my head was working right and I got to go for an MRI instead. MS Doc called today and said the MRI l ...