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Tinnitus without hearing loss ..is it reversible

Posted on 05/04/08, 07:18 pm
HI, recently had a attack of tinnitus.Hearing is normal...What is this type of tinnitus,,,will it be reversible...
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  • Reply #1 05/22/08  10:29am
    First of all I don't think there are many Tinntus sufferers here with normal hearing so you may find it hard to come across replies.
    But hey I'm one of those very few with 'white noise' Tinnitus and only found out today, better than average hearing.

    I had an attack 3 months ago at my PC.
    My new PC I built has been making a faint high pitched noise which a faulty capacitor makes.
    The ringing was in my right ear but has become 'white noise' in both ears, especially when I wear headphones.
    I walked to the toilet and still heard the noise as if the PC was right next to me.
    After a few weeks it subsided but now I hear white noise when it's silent.
    The PC is on my right hand side and I spend many hours at it as I work from home.

    Went to the ENT today for the first time in my life and found out I have exceptional hearing.

    Even with the white noise, I can hear some frequencies at decibel levels which most people can't hear normally.

    Even the ENT said in his own words 'you have hearing like a bat'.

    I can't say I'm 100% sure but I think your tinnitus source could be located in a different part of the body other than the head/ear area.

    What type of Tinnitus sound do you have?
    When and where did it start?

    There's alot of other questions I have to ask you about your Tinntus to maybe get you closer to the possible reason for it but I'll let you answer the sound question first.

    Of course I can't say it will go away, but it is better to know what caused it so you have peace of mind.
  • Reply #2 07/29/08  6:07am
    Sound like you are sensitive to electromagnetism. I have some hearing loss but computer usage soon increases my tinnitus, so I have to limit it.
  • Reply #3 08/28/08  9:47pm
    Yes someone a while back did say something along the lines of sensitivity to electromagnetism.

    It's a possibility.
  • Reply #4 09/20/08  4:54pm
  • Reply #5 08/24/09  10:31pm
    My ENT could not detect any hearing loss at all with me... Yet I still have moderate Tinnitus. I have not thought about the EM possibiilty. My computer tower sits atop my desk and is about 24" from my head.
  • Reply #6 09/16/09  7:59pm
    I have hearing loss, and tinnitus. My husband has no hearing loss, and has tinnitus.
    Also, when I am on the computer, I wear and ear plug in my bad ear.
    And some televisions make my tinnitus worse.
  • Reply #7 10/20/09  3:37am
    Hi people, I joined this group today. I have limited knowledge about tinnitus.My mom has beem trying to get me help but to no avail. I' m taking gingko biloba pills and tinnitus tissue salts form Natura. I went to a wellness specialist about a month ago who told me that my liver dysfunction was causing the tinnitus. Said I' m highly allergic to dairy pproducts and wheat. Said if I stop eating these things I' ll get better. Well, I' m here, so I guess that hasn' t worked. It has spread from my left to right ear. How do you guys survive? I have fits of rage during the night. This tinnitus started in May 2009. I' m up ata 3am cursing, humming loudly, crying trying to get to sleep. I can't concentrate on anything.I' ve stoppped watching tv. listen to radio, answering my cell coz I just don' t want anymore noise. Please tell me how to deal with this. And what is "white noise",I' ve never heard of it?
  • Reply #8 11/22/09  10:31pm
    White noise sounds kinda like static. I have been listening to rain and the ocean..environmental sounds.
  • Reply #9 11/27/09  4:09pm
    you can try putting a radio with headphones on. Put it on a FM non station. Just the static. This seams to help some people but i found that just music from a walkman helps me. But without earphones it seams to not work, but every one seams to be different with this. Frank
  • Reply #10 12/16/09  9:24am
    Find a good audiologist


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