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  • Understanding Chronic Disorganization

    Posted by SimonM - 10/18/09, 08:56 am

    We all experience situations in life when we become disorganized. During an illness, or while working on a project at work that requires a lot of travel, or during a life change like moving, getting married, having kids, or starting a new job. Professional Organizers call that being Situationally Di...

  • Common Characteristics of Chronically Disorganized Individuals

    Posted by SimonM - 10/18/09, 08:35 am

     Common Characteristics of Chronically Disorganized Individuals 􀂈 Accumulates large quantities of objects, documents, papers or possessions beyond apparent necessity or pleasure 􀂈 Has difficulty parting with things and letting go 􀂈 Has a wide range of interests and many uncompleted pro...

  • Hug

    hope39 (10/10/10)


  • I'm With You

    SimonM (10/19/09)

    Welcome to the group