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  • Where the lonely folks mingle.

    Posted by yaya0404 - 12/28/08, 03:38 pm

    Just started this group to help bring lonely people together for friendship and chat. I hope you guys have a good time on here and that even if for an instant you feel less lonely.

  • Hug

    AngelAshley123 (10/26/13)

    Awww, I want to send you all a group hug too! Your never alone when you have a true friend at your side. Together we can get through anything, together we can conquer anything. Bless you all huggs :)

  • Hug

    BigDC (10/25/13)

    hugs to all who would like them :D

  • Hug

    awakendwoman (05/02/11)

    hugs to all on this lovely spring day!!!!

  • Flowers

    JasmineRenee (03/07/11)

    Spring flowers everyone! Thanks Yaya for this group, it seems like a positive place to meet others and share our ups and downs...I hope you all have a wonderful week. God bless you!