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  • Welcome

    Posted by cyndi2774 - 05/12/08, 11:39 am

    Welcome to The 5 pound Club! As our group goal states, this group was created to help us support and encourage each other in our weight loss goal of 5 pounds per month. For some members this may not be such a modest goal, but for those of us who are obese, 5 pounds is a modest goal. This group will ...

  • Hug

    Phattynatie (06/27/09)

  • Hug

    Cathrynn (05/24/08)

    just found this on another friends site...LOL......just at the right time too....*big smile*.............big WARM HUG to all of you....a little too warm at the moment...*chuckle*.........Cathrynn x

  • I'm With You

    cyndi2774 (05/18/08)

    Good luck with your 5-pound goal! Don't forget to check in at the board and feel free to start new topics!!!

  • I'm With You

    ladyoftheleaves (05/15/08)

    Good luck to everyone.