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  • Note from Cyn

    Posted by cynhanchargerdes - 04/25/08, 06:12 am

    Hi, our group is going strong with over 150 members. THANK YOU for keeping things rolling and esp for your heartfelt talks to one another. EVERYONE is welcome, whether your bipolar loved one is medicated or not. We need each other! Take care...

No Group Photos.

  • Hug

    cozican (11/23/11)

  • Hug

    brettron (12/18/10)

  • I'm With You

    lfeather (11/23/10)

    Calling all spouses dealing with BP!! We need to activate this group. I end up going to Friends and Family of BP group because it's more active. Does anyone know if there is a CL for this group?? IS anyone willing to be one?? I travel for my work, so hard for me to be on here regular enough ...

  • Hug

    Resolutions (10/22/08)

    1st I just wanted to say im back! hehe Thank you for all your support, help, advice, butt kicking, knowledge and most important making me feel very welcome & making me realise I wasnt alone in any of this. You guys gave me strength at a time I thought I did not have it in me. With all my heart ...